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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The last two days have found me failing miserably at my chosen food allowances.

I am not sure what triggered me off on this latest disaster, but every time I turned around I was eatinf something, anything! I caught myself doing it and I just wouldn't listen to myself say stop it.

And worst still?....I woke up aound 4:30 am with a serious blood sugar crash! 2.9, I could barely make it to the kitchen...and when I got there I didn't take the time to make a proper breakfast. I just reached for a jar of orange marmalade that I keep in the fridge for this exact reason.

So how's that for starting the day? Crappy

well, now it is 7:41 in the morning, my blood sugars are settled down....breakfast has been eaten, all things listed in the tracker including the marmalade, I can see the sun peeking through the trees,...it has finally come back after a week of solid rain.The road is still wet as it must have rained all night last night...

Hopefully the rest of the day will be good and on track. I have to be super good between now and wednesday to have a maintain at the least. ugh, sounds like a tough week to me. Oh well, I did it to myself for whatever reason.

have a good day everyone
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    yes, thank you Amy. They have indeed, gone right back out the window from whence they came, thank goodness!

    Now I am just waiting for the club to arrive so we can find out if watch myself and exercised enough since then to weigh in with a loss or at least a maintain....really hoping for a loss as I piled on a lot of extra steam this past 4 days

    take care and god bless
    1568 days ago
    Oh those days just sneak up and bite us, don't they? I hope the cravings have calmed down for you now.
    1568 days ago
    yes Ima, it seems we do CAVE big as you said!
    Glad you have not jinxed yourself! I totally agree with your blessings!
    1570 days ago
    So far so good on not having jinxed myself, Bear! emoticon

    Yes, it is rather strange when we know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that what we are doing is not in our best interest & that we will be grieving having gone with the temptation - and, still, we cave BIG TIME! I have never caved just a little - it always is an all or nothing type deal with this gal. emoticon

    May we both enjoy temptation free days for at least the next fifty years! emoticon

    God bless!
    1570 days ago
    Maybe that is the key because I did say just the other day that I don't suffer cravings anymore......

    I did give myself several talkings to over those couple days but my alter ego(I suppose, or perhaps its my brat coming back again) kept telling me to, basically, shut up, much to my disgust.

    I do not understand that part, when you are rational enough to notice what you are doing and want to stop and this other part of you tells yourself to take a flying leap and mind your own business. It's like to seperate people in the same body having a fight
    Hopefully you have not jinxed yourself Ima!
    Take care and god bless
    1571 days ago
    I sure would like to understand just what it is that triggers the "eat everything in sight" attacks, as you described having gone through, Bear. Thankfully it has been quite a while since I have faced such an episode; however, trying to figure out the why of such seemingly uncontrollable behavior troubles this gal.

    I did find, when trying hard to curb the overpowering temptation, that if I gave myself a good talking to (like I was a valued friend to myself) - reminding myself that I truly had already enjoyed a proper amount of food - doing so helped more times than not. Still, it was no foolproof way of getting though the overriding temptation without caving.

    I just had a thought - I best be careful now that I have shared - because it seems that whenever I say such things as "It has been quite a while since..." - I tend to run full force into whatever situation I was sharing about having had some little success with controlling. emoticon I haven't got the why of that figured out either! emoticon

    God bless!
    1571 days ago
    Patience Lila, it hasn't been that long yet! It always seems longer time when we are striving for a particular goal or objective.By next weekend, you should see your desired results..keep up what you are doing and have faith in yourself emoticon
    hugs my friend
    1571 days ago
    This is life, isn't it? I had that rude awakening that I had gone over the 200 again, and it seemed to smarten me up a bit. But, I am not seeing under 198 despite doing my nice long walks, and being very careful with my diet.... oh yeah, that's muscle I'm building.
    1571 days ago
    thank you!

    iceangel, you are right

    neptune, thanks for that info . I will check it out

    hartingl, for the ideas of inspiration

    hugs to all of you for commenting today, I needed it!
    1571 days ago
    Hey there are days like that. Just take each moment to moment and build upon that and go from there. I always surround myself with inspirational quotes and stories with people who had worse challenges than I have and it keeps me in perspective. You keep moving forward and keep your chin up and you will be just fine. You know you will. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1572 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    BANG! emoticon Seriously though as a diabetic I find that consuming a glass of milk before bed my A.M. sugar level is about 112. But more important I fluctuate little on what foods I consume throughout the day. It's not that I'm afraid of cooking but rather having a regular eating schedule with the foods that agree with me keeps my A1C values within healthy parameters.

    As a side note: strength training is another good way to keep A1C values in check.
    Bodybuilding.com is an informative site. emoticon
    1572 days ago
  • ICEANGEL0531
    Let it go! You're success starts today. Yesterday gone. Always remember youare the power & control......you CAN do it!
    1572 days ago
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