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An entire month MIA...oops

Friday, June 28, 2013

Can't believe I dropped out again, but I've been a busy girl getting in fitness and spending time with the kids for the summer.

This month my real life challenge group has been doing an Abs challenge as well as streaking. I've gotten both done to this point. The abs challenge has been a HUGE challenge, but extremely rewarding as I've seen HUGE improvements over the course of the challenge.

Today was a great, fun day!

My mother, sister and I got up nice and early to head for the mountains to reacquaint ourselves with our favorite hiking trail, Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail. This is a GORGEOUS mountain hike that is 5 miles round trip. We like to start at the bottom and go up first so that we can thoroughly enjoy the down on the way back. Still, we hadn't realized how long it had been since we'd been up there. I had an awesome case of jelly-legs by the time we were done. It was a great morning for a hike.

I did manage to take a minor spill while up there, just enough to get myself a little dirty. Walking in a narrow area I stepped a bit too close to an edge and the ground gave way making me slide a bit. Luckily this section was pretty flat and my foot only slid a few inches, just enough for me to have to catch myself and jam my wrist a tiny bit and roll in the dirt a little. We joked about setting boundaries our relationship with the earth. No need to give hugs to show that love :).

This hike is HIGH in the mountains and the air is obviously thinner up there. I blame the lack of oxygen for one particularly hilarious exchange.

I am the heaviest sweater of the group, don't know why, but my sister can barely break a sweat while I'm dripping, just how it is. After a break where I swept away some of my glisten I mentioned the saying "sweat is just fat cells crying" and said that my fat cells were crying away. My sister made a joke about them dying...along the lines of "please don't kill...." fading away as the fat cell dies. I came back with "My name is Fato Cello, you killed my father, prepare to die." Yeah, I went there.

It was one of those things that just got funnier the more we thought about it. It kept us chuckling for a bit on the way up and again on the way down.

It was a great morning. Got home while it was still pretty early and took a TINY little nap (about half an hour) and just long enough to let me stiffen up before the kids dragged me to the pool. That was a refreshing break.

While the kids and I swam hubs ran an "errand". Tomorrow is my birthday (44) and hubs went to get the present. I got to see it a day early because it was too big to wrap. I got a new BIKE!! I'm so excited. My sister in law took my old one, borrowed it about two years ago and I haven't seen it since. So hubs went and got me a new one. Nothing too fancy. It's a Mongoose mountain bike. It is white with a powder finish and purple accents. I LOVE it. We after showers and a rest we all went back to the store to find a helmet. Hubs wisely didn't just pick one out for me. He wanted it to fit right and helmets can be so different from brand to brand and even model to model. I found one I loved and we went ahead and picked up new helmets for two of the three kids (the third already got a new helmet with her new bike for her birthday a few weeks ago). So now we are all outfitted with bikes and helmets and ready to take some family bike rides. I didn't get to try my new bike today, hubs had to go to work and I wasn't ready to take everyone out quite yet, but I'll grab a quick ride tomorrow morning after my run and test out the new wheels.

Right now, that is the only time I'll want to go out. We are SWELTERING out here in Southern California and after about noon nobody wants to head out...just too hot. 103 F today and will be even hotter tomorrow, predicting about 111 F. Yuck. I'm good up to about 100, after that I just can't take it and become a sloth. :) Workouts happen early, VERY early.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and, again, I'll try to do better :).

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