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Fri # 2...the right one

Friday, June 28, 2013

God really blessed me today. We had the monthly staff meeting so we turned off the phones at noon. I left the clinic by 2:30 and was home by 3. I hit the fields and was able to get over half the grass mowed by 6pm, ate, washed my hair, took a long hot bath and now I'm in for the night. I have a few piddling things to do but nothing bad.
I'm going to a lily festival tomorrow and working on filling my garden. I'm sort of developing a plan. I hate to weed but love the flowers and I've fed the ground until it's gone from clay to rich black grow-anything soil. I'm thinking of putting a fountain in the center of the brick walk, and then surrounding it with lilies and framing the opposite side of the walk with them too. I have so many seeds that need to be planted, but everytime I start to focus on the flowers, something else pops up that needs to be done ASAP. That's life...we all want to focus on health and doing things well, but other things get in the way. I heard a talk the other day where the speaker said something like "what you do today is what you'll do tomorrow'. He was talking about how we say things like "I want to write a book", "I want to spend time with my kids"," I want to...." but in the meantime...we just keep doing what we always do...'wanting' our lives away. I have projects out the wazoo...but now that I feel I've learned a lot about consistency..I want to go a step farther and carry out some plans. I've been focusing on tracking food, activity, and keeping in touch with my SP gang, but I also want to start devoting time to my other interests. I've been blabbing for the last 3 weeks..but not accomplishing anything...so I want to commit specific time to specific activities..(there's that "I want to..." again. My motto has been "I can do all things through Christ (and that knowledge that I can depend on him is the which) which strengthens me. I can say that all I want to and explain it and whatever...but if I don't live it, then I can't really say that I believe it.I have learned in the past few years that my appearance does not dictate how people react to me.. My attitude is my real calling card. If I treat people the way that I would want to be treated, I really get wonderful blessings. Sounds silly..but I am blessed when I bless. To do for others is such a joy!!!I have found my peace of mind by surrender to my Lord and by learning to serve. I still have days (just read some of my blogs) I still get tired and I still have days when I'm just not right...but for the most part, I know that I know that I know that things will be alright. I love living and experiencing and having hope. I am not who I was 5 years ago and next year...I will not be the same as I am now...step by step, choice by choice I will accomplish my goals and run my race.
My desire is that each of you has the same expectation of life. We are not alone...we are a group of survivors and winners and just plain folks wanting to have a better life. I am so honored to meet so many fun, imaginative, creative, motivating members. I appreciate each of you. Thank you so much for taking time. Have a great night and Keep Sparkin'!!
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