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The Plan for the Next Two Weeks...Kids!

Friday, June 28, 2013

The weekend is starting off with a bang. My 9 & 10 year old grandkids are here to stay for 2 weeks. They were at the house with my hubby by the time I got home from work. I was expecting them to be here, so I mentally prepared myself for seeing them. I even wrote a list of things to do with them. One thing is that I want to take picnic and a frisbee, balls and gloves and maybe a kickball to a park. I was tickled when my grandson said he brought his own glove and a ball! I'm really excited about that.

I don't do well when I don't have my space or my quiet. I am a little anxious about them being here that long. I want time to myself for working out. I know they are old enough to occupy themselves long enough for me to get a workout in, but I won't take off and get a walk with them here. Sure, I might be able to get them to walk around the block with me, but it wouldn't be a quick pace. Anyway, a 15 minute walk won't cut it! On two or three days each week I will be going to work, and my hubby will stay home with them. On those days I could probably see if he minds for me to go out and get a long walk in the morning before work. I have my own equipment at home, and don't go to a gym, so at least I can squeeze in some workout time upstairs while the kids read. They love to read so that's a great thing.

My main worries are that 1-I won't get enough workouts in, (won't burn enough calories) and 2-I will eat too much. (I notoriously eat more when I get anxious.)

Though I certainly have begun to feel more confident around my grandkids. The anxiety comes in when I don't have time to myself. I raised 4 kids; I know how little time I had to myself, so I'm not too hopeful that I'll get that me time.

But I love them to pieces and see this as an opportunity to get to know them better. We only see each other once every month or two. We have a good foundation; my daughter and the kids lived with us for 2 years when they were preschoolers.

I also feel more confident that I won't

After I wrote that last line (I was going to end it with the words "binge while they are here"), the kids asked me for a snack. I offered different things. Then I remembered some special cheese I brought back from Wisconsin a few months ago, and offered them cheese and crackers. I've been saving it for a special occasion, seeing it in my cheese drawer often, knowing that the day I open it I'll have a hard time resisting it. I'm sharing it so I won't eat it all. I had some with them and though I went 200 calories over my limit of calories for the day, I didn't all out binge. I can feel good about that!

I feel less anxiety about binge eating since I wrote my blog about my ah ha moment. I've upped my calories a little for each day, and will see how that goes. In the long run, a few more calories each day would never amount to the extreme amount I could shovel in over 2 or 3 binge days per week. By allowing a few extra per day, I don't feel the deprivation and I am not getting that hollow hungry feeling from restricting food and exercising too much.

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  • _JODI404
    Hi Lori,

    I do know from your previous blogs that having visitors usually will cause you anxiety.

    It sounds like you have thought this out really well and planned for how to handle it.
    It's great that you will go to the park and do active things outdoors.

    Try to focus more on this special time with the kids than on your workouts. You have every day of the rest of the year to worry about that. The foundation of Spark is getting 10 minutes every day. I'm sure you can get 10 every day. I find breaking it down into 10's can really add up for me on the busiest days. If you can fit in more, great, but don't let it cause you additional stress.

    Hopefully hubby will be a great partner in this for you. If he can get you some time for yourself, and maybe help with their snacks if they are too tempting.

    It's awesome that the kids love to read! That is an awesome summertime activity. I know I used to LOVE going the library. Pinterest has all kinds of cool arts and crafts ideas to do with kids. I don't have kids, but have cousins that have kids / and are teachers and they pin a lot of fun looking ideas all the time. Keeping busy will be great and memorable for all of you.

    Blogging and journaling seems to help a lot too -- so use that tool if you need it.

    I'm wishing you well! Hoping you get the best of it all, some me time, some awesome time with the kids, and low anxiety!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

    1721 days ago
  • KANOE10
    You have great steps in place to handle the visit. I totally understand your anxiety about your exercise being difficult with the kids there. I went through the same thing with my sister on our trip. She wanted to walk with me, but I walk at a much faster pace and did not feel like it was a workout.
    I think getting up early and getting a walk in or later would be the way to go.

    I raised 4 kids also..and did not do a good job of making time for myself when they were growing up.

    Now you already have your habits in place for success. I know you will do well and find time for yourself during their visit.

    emoticon emoticon
    1721 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    You can do this! Increasing your calories is a good idea to stop the binges. Just try and exercise when you can... don't worry too much since this doesn't happen everyday. *hugs*
    1722 days ago
    A challenge for sure! Maybe you could bring walking shoes when you work, and do your walk before you go home? That would cover exercise on the days you go to work. Exercise with kids counts, even if it isn't what you would do normally. Playing ball sounds like fun! Enjoy your grandkids!
    1722 days ago
    I understand your anxiety but it sounds like you have a good plan in place. Keep that in mind. Re-read this blog each day if it will help you keep the plan in place.

    If you get out there with the Frisbee and the bat and ball, you will burn a few extra calories for sure!

    It's two weeks, you can do this for two weeks and you will have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

    1722 days ago
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