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Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 5 of the Spark Solution
Overslept this morning, so breakfast was late, but the Mexican Breakfast Burrito was fabulous. My son turned up his nose while I was cooking it, but declared it a new favorite after 1 bite. Did 20 minute Zumba flat abs dvd afterwards. I started feeling light headed and nauseous, so I called that good enough for the day. Maybe I have a stomach bug??? Lots of dizziness throughout the day, but at least I didn’t fall asleep every time I sat still for a minute or two.

The Better BLT with avocado and red pepper dressing for lunch was delicious. Looked like a mess, but tasted good. Another new favorite. For Dinner I had the left-over Southwestern Chicken and Rice. Couldn’t see making another new recipe and letting all that food go to waste. Hubby and son put theirs in a tortilla this time, and I had mine in a pita. I had skipped snack because of the nausea, so it didn’t throw me over on any of my counts. My fridge is filled with small containers of leftover ingredients that weren’t used in the recipes. This does not make me happy, especially with the high cost. There appears to be a lot of waste.

Being sick today made me come to terms with one of my shortcomings. I tend to be an over achiever in a lot of areas, and it effects my journey to better health. I need to get over the mentality that I have to “perform at a certain level”, as if I were being graded on this. I got in the recommended 20 minutes of cardio today, which should be enough. Yet I feel like I failed because the fitness tracker allows for 120 minutes a day. That makes me feel like I got a 17%, which is a big fat “F”. This is something I need to work on. I’m still feeling weak, so even though there is time left this evening, I am choosing NOT to do any more exercise today, and that will just have to be OK.

Overall, I view the day as a success because I stuck to the plan, even though I was sick.
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