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Positive Blog #2

Friday, June 28, 2013

... Can you believe it?

I must admit that taking teaching daily out of the equation has substantially lowered my day-to-day stress levels. I still have to get up before the sun for work and handle children at work, but its toll on my brain is substantially less, which brings me to my positive blog.

Last summer I didn't feel the same way about my summer job. I hated it. I wanted to quit. I complained a lot. I was always tired, behind schedule, and exhausted. It sucked.

I have the same summer job this year and it rocks. This morning was just as chaotic as last summer and I am behind on a few things (I'm a procrastinator), but I like my job. And I believe that a majority of that is a result of my healthier decisions in the past few months. I hated my job last summer for a variety of reasons, but I realize that it stems back to this: I was tired and exhausted because I was out of shape. I complained because I was unhappy with myself and consequently my job. I wanted to quit because I saw that as easier than following through and making changes.

I can run from one end of the pool to the other without being winded or embarrassed now, which makes my active coaching better. I can help set up the pool because I am strong enough to do the heavy lifting (and there is some seriously heavy lifting). I don't need to sit down during practice or a meet because my feet no longer hurt from all the pressure I was putting on them. I am no longer complaining because I have the ability to realize these awesome improvements. And without the complaining I'm not making myself - or others around me - miserable.

My ability to plan ahead is working out nicely as well (personal planning, not work planing). I always have sneakers and a bathing suit in my car for exercise, as well as a snack to hold me over in a pinch. Every morning I leave with a Nalgene full of water, a homemade iced coffee, and a jam packed protein shake. They are my AM trinity, if you will, moving into my daily routine - protein for long term energy and fullness, coffee for my wake up call, and water to sustain as well as replenish what the coffee drained. I'm beginning to feel like a well-oiled machine.

In hindsight I realize this (my health) is why I stopped enjoying my winter coaching position. I only wish I understood that it was me and not the kids before I resigned from that job. The 60+lbs I was carrying last winter was largely contributing to my attitude and perspective.

Not everyday is perfect for me. In fact, very few are. I am however learning to embrace these days where my perspective is as healthy as my body is becoming and hope to roll these into the majority of my life rather than the minority.

emoticon I feel like I'm winning today.

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