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Some people don't get it...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Some people just don’t get it. Or maybe I don’t. I never know which.

I got to lunch a couple days a week with some friends. So yesterday we decided on Burger King. I know, not a healthy choice, but I need to be able to have different things and grilled chicken wraps minus the sauce aren’t too bad. Anyway, we are eating and I look at the menu again. I make the comment, it will be better when they make the switch to the new menus with the calorie counts on them.

My friend starts this whole speech about how you have no business eating here if you need to worry about calories. I said, it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with information. He says you know what you can get when you come here. My reply was, even grilled chicken wraps get unhealthy very fast when you glob on a ton of ranch sauce. What about the items you don’t know what exactly is in it? Say something has ranch dressing, but it isn’t spelled out on the menu it’s there? Sure I can eat it, but it doesn’t fit what my plan is for myself. Seeing the calorie count lets me know what I think may be a not so bad alternative actually is loaded with something that takes it out of this world.

Now, this friend likes to be controversial, and will take a contrary view just to stir the pot. Sometimes that's good since it does make you think. But when I know he is wrong, as in this case, it just drives me crazy. lol

The thing is, and I am sure things will get easier when I get to maintenance mode, but right now, every calorie literally counts. Honestly, I may be taking it to the extreme. And I get why the fast food joints balk at the menus. Added costs, added efforts and that kind of thing. It all affects the bottom line. I am not sure they are too worried about it affecting peoples choices to eat there or not. But right now, I prefer to know exactly what is going in.

Okay, rant over. Last night was a great night. I walked up to the gym to do my core work and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill alternating between a light jog and a walk. I am up to jogging for about 4 minutes at a stretch now, it feels pretty good saying that. I am getting to be a jogger. I am still hitting the cycle but I am focusing more on jogging. Interestingly about that, I have never been a runner. In fact I have always pretty much hated running. Not sure what my sudden fascination with jogging and running is, but the legs are feeling good about it. Well, one of my closet goals is to do a tri. I don’t publicize that one too often. Lol. Cause I am nowhere near ready yet. I am hoping to be there come next spring.

Not much happening right now. Thinking about going diving with the boy this weekend. Well Sunday anyway. It may only be one dive, but it will be fun. I want a small lake where I can work on my compass skills. I think it is one of those, I don’t think I am good with a compass, therefore I am not kind of things. But I want to hit some diving in Lake Michigan this year and need to make sure I know how to take a bearing and follow it. So, a small lake to practice in will be good.
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  • HILLSLUG98239
    I am glad that more restaurants are making nutrition info about their menus available. It rarely changes what I order, but I don't get to kid myself.

    Some people just have to be negative and view any choice different than theirs as an attack on their choices. I got that a LOT from my coworkers when I was a vegetarian. Go fig.
    1455 days ago
  • SUMMER-14
    Some people have their head stuck in the sand.....
    Oh, and your weight loss accomplishments are emoticon
    1456 days ago
    I think that shows that you are a better person than he...not that you were looking for that. We obviously have a problem in this country and the more information the better. It doesn't mean people will follow it or care...but for those of us who want it...we should have it! Have a great weekend! Did you ever read either of the spark books or have you gotten all your information on the website?
    1456 days ago
    I don't normally and when he starts on his opinions I usually just shut up. It is usually not worth the effort since it won't change his mind. I try not to be the obnoxious dieter who preaches to everyone what they should eat. It just aggravated me to have him scorn what I had to say as being ridiculous.
    1456 days ago
    My friends and coworkers react the same exact way. People that don't watch what they eat don't want to hear about anything dealing with health and diet. I just do what I do and not worry about what they do. I try not to interject my lifestyle on them, nor do I fall for theirs.
    1456 days ago
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