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Friday 6-28-2013 Assortment

Friday, June 28, 2013

One day a customs officer at the U.S.–Mexico border noticed that a man was coming across on a bicycle with two small sacks tied to the handlebars. Suspicious, he asked the man to open the sacks, but they contained nothing but sand. This went on every day for months. Each time, the customs officer would stop the man on the bicycle and ask him to open the sacks, but they were always filled with nothing but sand.
A few years later, the customs officer retired and moved down to Tijuana. One day he ran into the cyclist in a restaurant and they started chatting. “So, come on,” the customs officer said, “we both know you were smuggling something. I swear I won’t tell anyone. What was it?”
The other man smiled and said, “Bicycles.”
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Tech support: No problem, I just received your fax.

Customer: The hell you did! It’s still sitting right here!

(actual tech support call)
Who is pictured on the obverse side of the series of coins honoring Harry Potter, issued in 2001 as legal tender by the Isle of Man?

Queen Elizabeth II. The Isle of Man, a British protectorate in the Irish Sea, is known for issuing coins with unusual designs.
Isn’t it ironic?

In 2002, 60 Minutes aired a segment about corruption in the Jefferson County, Mississippi, judicial system. The program accused trial lawyers of urging their clients to sue corporations for outlandish sums. Two Jefferson County citizens were outraged at the report and sued the producers of 60 Minutes … for $6 billion. (They lost.)
The vista behind Mr. Roarke as he greeted guests on Fantasy Island was the LA Arboretum.
(Awwwww-now I am really dis-illusioned. emoticon )
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