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sick of being told i look sick.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

bird is here this week.
means lots and lots of food and not really working out.

except...this time, its different.
i am 140.2 this morning.
last friday, when they came, i was 139.
can i complain?
nope nope nope.

i have mostly been tracking my food--a bite here and there but mostly not.
ive forgone dessert and just had chips or something.

i am PROUD of me.
but at the same time, i dont even know why.
i mean, it is not something i thought i was going to do.
it just has been a fluke, i guess?

ive worked out every day for at least 90 minutes.
today i got in 3 hours PLUS i hiked for about 90 minutes up the appalachian trail.

bird and i skyped with my ma and that didnt go too well.
it was all that i looked sick and bird said, do you know what she has for breakfast, grandma?
she has 4 pieces of veggie bacon and 2 veggie sausages and thats it!

now, is it many calories? no, its 200 calories..
but is it a lot?
a "normal" eating family would probably say thats a fine breakfast but not mine!
my mom is shaking her head and saying: you're going overboard with this weight loss and you not only look sick, you're going to make yourself sick.

i finally actually got pretty fed up and although my tone was kidding, i was pissed.... and just said, listen.
my weight and my eating habits are no longer up for discussion.

the husband doesnt say anything about my weight. didnt when i was heavy, doesnt now.
and i asked him if he thought it was true that i dont look good and he said no.

anyways, just quick update.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think they're just not used to your healthy lifestyle of eating and working out. I know my Grandmother used to always lecture me too..."you're not eating enough!" But I was... :) I love your background are so beautiful!!
    1702 days ago
    Reality check: the average person's view on food and normal weight is seriously messed up.

    I'm sorry to learn that your family is having a hard time adjusting to your new size, and ultimately, lifestyle. I don't get that a lot now, but in the first couple years, I've had it told to me that I would either not achieve my weight loss goals at all, or that I'd look like a sick dog for the rest of my life. And that was from close friends. Toddylicious even still tells me that I've lost too much weight. Uh, no. Being under 100lbs soaking wet would make it that I've lost too much weight. It does get tiring after a while. People at work keep commenting that I must be at goal weight. After I shove my eyeballs back in my head, I reply that I still have some 30+lbs to go before I will consider maintenance... which always brings the next line -- "where do you have to lose it?!" Seriously, people, if you have to ask that, you've got a bigger problem with Portion Distortion than I do!

    I'm glad you were able to draw a TMI line with the family about this topic. It's hard to do, but setting up those topic boundaries is really important for you, especially if the feedback from those topics tends to be negative for you.

    If you ever need a way to tell the family that you're working on this for you, and you can't figure it out, you know how to find me. I've been doing a lot of "telling the family" stuff lately that I'm starting to think I'm good at it. :-P
    1721 days ago
  • THESB25
    That is beyond frustrating! I can't imagine how that makes you feel. You've worked so hard to get to where you are. I think their view of healthy is very skewed so try not to beat yourself up. I think you did an excellent thing putting up a boundary for not making it a part of discussion anymore. Stay focused and determined. You're awesome.
    1725 days ago
    Well, I think you look great! And your breakfast sounds tasty... I should try some of the veggie "meats." I love sausage, and while I like turkey sausage just fine, a meatless alternative would be nice.
    1726 days ago
    Boy, sometimes people just don't know what to say. My daughter weighed 169 when she was 5'3. She grew 4 inches to 5'7 and lost down to 125. Is she healthy, yes! Is she thin? A little, but she looks good and works out. I can't tell you how many family members keep telling how she looks sick, how they were worried about her while she was pregnant, that the baby wouldn't grow because she doesn't eat enough. She eats fine! She eats tons of healthy veggies, grains, protein, fruits and not just small amounts. She's active and I think she looks great! She had a healthy 7lb 3 oz baby and is successfully full time nursing him and he's growing! I get so tired of people saying others look bad when they lose weight and get healthier. It'd be different if they were really starving themselves and not being healthy. I'm sorry you have to listen to it all, I know it's frustrating :-( I think you look great and am proud of how far you've come!
    1726 days ago
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