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Freggies? Hello Mr. Webster.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My team knows I cringe at this word.
It drives me batty enough that even in the safe confines of the BLC Sapphire chat thread, I cannot bring myself to use it, even for abbreviation sake. I painfully type out all of "fruits and vegetables". (Okay, sometime I allow myself 'veggies'.)

The combination brings back other hideous combinations over the years. Brangelina, for example. Just not a natural combination yet forced together by words.

Maybe it's because you have to wrinkle your nose in order to say the word - try it. FREG-GIE. Anytime you have to make the same lip and nose movements as the word 'stink' - (C'mon, try it : stink, freggie, same lip curl!) - well, it's just not right. And of course, turning my nose up at fruits and vegetables, even if it's just in pronunciation, is not what I want to do in my health fitness journey.

That said, I appreciate the abbreviation tactic as 'fruits and vegetables' is a lot to type out when we're often pressed for time to make a post, or worse yet, trying to do it from a phone or tablet, rather than a computer key board. So I will never bemoan anyone's use of the word 'freggie' as a shortcut. But it's just not right, just not natural. And try as BLC might, I can't wrap my mouth around that one.

Freggie, Brangelina - they are combinations good for some, but I still yet to find a good use for either of the word smushes. emoticon

So cheers to FRUITS AND VEGETABLES and enjoy them or your 'freggies' all you can :D
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