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Facebook: Awesome Way To Stay In Touch, Or Gross Waste Of Time?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I, like many others, have gotten sucked in. At first I liked finding people I used to know, then I liked sharing funny pictures of cats or whatever, posting funny stories about my Littles, and complaining about the government. Eventually I got sucked into the games (Candy Crush is the place all creativity and productivity go to die, and several good ideas are laid waste amid the removed jelly of my past), but lately I have noticed something, a shift of not only consciousness, but overall disposition in Zuckerland. I am noticing more and more the sad sob stories about the end of relationships that aren't meant to be in the first place, followed by the immediate rekindling of said relationships and confusion as to why one's friends find the re-animation of the relationship an exercise in futility. I am noticing the use of FB as a platform to further one's agenda, whatever it is at the moment. I am noticing the use of FB to avoid one's own problems by borrowing the problems of others in the form of unsolicited advice and gossip.

Yesterday I threw a pre-menstrual hissy fit and deactivated my account, which in turn caused the formation of a search party only for my dear concerned friends to discover I was fine and just needed a break. I re-activated around 1 AM this morning for the reason I initially started - to keep in touch with people I have no other way of keeping in touch with, because heaven forbid I actually pick up a phone.

I am a poor manager of time and resources. That is a huge reason for my being so, well, HUGE. Facebook is the last thing a girl like me needs. I have an attention deficit disorder that only applies to things I feel I have to do. I rebel against responsibility, because who is Adult Me to tell My Inner Child she should have to do anything? But Adult Me knows My Inner Child better than anyone, and she knows Inner child Jessica needs to get her crap together.

Yesterday's events led me to wake up this morning and do a fitness evaluation - the first ever since The Hub and I started living together 6 years ago and wasted loads of money on our first gym membership that went nowhere. It was not wonderful. Just as I suspected I was 'Below Average.' That's fine, I was expecting it. The problem I had with it was more about my frustration with not being able to do more than 7 burpees in 60 seconds (BTW, Sparkpeople, putting 'Burpees' in the workout database would be nice). Anyway, I am down 12 lbs according to my tracker, and about 3 inches, so I can't complain too much.

I think it is best that I spend my computer time in a more positive place, so my goal for July is to spend only about an hour a day messaging and playing games on FB and whatever other time doing worthwhile stuff.
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    I am a facebook rebel. I also got rid of my cell phone in June and got a house phone. All the drams, friends who only know your birthday because it posted a reminder on their page, negativity, endless supply of time sucking features, manipulating platforms, and more so an illusion that I was living a fulfilled life with real friends.

    Socially, people do not seem to understand why I won't facebook or text. But since I stopped, I have quality conversations with true friends. I'm far more active. And all the stress that comes from the drama is gone. The guilt from wasting my day on the computer gone.

    I say give it a chance. Find out what you are really not missing and start to discover a life you can not have vicariously through facebook, etc

    PS, of all the words I can spell correctly on the computer, why is facebook the only one that requires a capital F to be spelled correctly. Even God allows for a lower case g.
    1644 days ago
    I finally signed up for facebook just a couple weeks ago to help out a friend who was having an online moving sale. Funny part for me was that so many people I looked up hadn't posted since Christmas. I will keep it, but I don't even check it daily. I am pondering listing some things for sale on local yard sale site...that would mean checking it several times a day. I know I could be an addict so don't really want to have to be checking in every day, let alone several times a day. I set everything to private since that was the reason I didn't sign up years ago. Now I find that all the people who were encouraging me to sign up aren't using it anymore.....LOL!!
    1723 days ago
    Thank all of you for confirming my suspicions. I am not going to deactivate, because I know that is somewhat illogical. There is SOME miniscule usefulness for it being in my life, but using it sparingly is the best course of action at the moment. Cortney-Lee, your grandmother sounds like a trip!

    1723 days ago
    I use Facebook sparingly ~ I like to see pictures of my grands. One of my daughters lives faraway and I get to see the kids growing up.

    Yes, it is very addictive and time wasting.

    1724 days ago
  • SKATER787
    I think you're on to something. Keep it up. emoticon
    1724 days ago
    I know the feeling, I have been un-liking many pages lately because of all the conspiracy theories types. I don't use my personal facebook page much anymore , only to read health and fitness related articles, I also have a business page up for my nutrition business where I only post nutrition and fitness articles that can be useful.
    1724 days ago
    Facebook is the devil...

    I have an account because.. umm... I can't really think of a good reason. My 80 year old grandmother has facebook. She likes to comment on pictures of my cats. She shares them with her friends and calls them her "great grandchildren"

    I also use it to keep in contact with some friends that have moved away, but mostly I find jerks I went to high school with all of a sudden wanting to be my friend.
    1724 days ago
    I agree about FB... I would delete my account, except I want to keep my business page for my craft sales. So because I can't delete the account, I feel compelled to go check it! lol. I used to be sucked into the games too (especially Farmville), but I've quit all of them... that helps a little.
    1724 days ago
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