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Another up and down day - new GI appt & a scary incident!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What an up and down day, again! I met with a new gastroenterologist today, who was pretty good. He listened to me, paid attention, trusted what I said, and we came up with a plan. I'm going to have another endoscopy for a biopsy to see if the eosinophilic esophagitis is back, and if it is then I'll get a liquid steroid to swallow, instead of the steroid inhaler I used in the past, to treat it. He also told me I can increase my miralax intake as I need to, but considering the high cost he's giving me a prescription for the golytely (sp?) drink that's used when someone is cleaning out for a colonoscopy and use that like the miralax. He also sent in prescriptions for senna and docusate sodium - not sure if insurance will cover it, but we're gunna try! I'll start with one, try it for a few weeks, then if I need another I'll try that. He also seemed to appreciate my explaination of what I feel is causing my GP (Ehlers Danlos complication) and should it get bad again, then he'll be able to help me.

The sucky part of the day happened just as I was leaving to go to the appointment. I had hard time getting up and moving, so I was late getting out the door (I still got there in plenty of time, but I had wanted to leave earlier). It's a good thing I did, because as I was throwing on my clothes and getting my stuff together, I heard my RFID lock on my front door being played with (it makes certain dings and tones when it's being used). At first I didn't realize what was going on, but some guy had pulled up to my house and was trying to break in! I tried to sneak a peek through the window downstairs, but the bushes in front of the window blocked me from getting a good look. I didn't want to walk past the door while he was there (I have a hard enough time with stairs, let alone worrying about who was on the other side of the door!), so as he headed back to his vehicle I got upstairs but the garage roof was in the way so I still couldn't get a good look at the vehicle, and I didn't get a good look at him. Well he not only screwed with my lock (which is dang near impenetrable - it holds up to a glock handgun, a shotgun, even a sledgehammer - and since there's no keyhole no one can do a lock bump to open it), but he tried to force the door open. He never knocked on the door or rang the doorbell - he just tried to get in. He was carrying a camera though. I have no clue what he was doing here! The next driveway down has a house for sale, and if he saw the public notice that my house is going up for sheriff's sale on 7/25 (did he mistake that for 6/25? I need to get the paperwork in to postpone it) maybe he thought the house would be abandoned or something, but no one has a legal right to walk into a house without permission in either case. Not only that, but he didn't knock or ring the doorbell to double check if someone was home, so that's freaky. Well I waited until he was gone, checked to make sure he wasn't on the street, then walked out and called the police as I got in my car. I drove the neighborhood looking for his vehicle, but didn't see it. I had to get to my appointment, so the police called me back while I was driving and I told them what happened. They said they'd drive around and check things out, because I couldn't miss this appointment (I might not have gotten another appt until Sept). I tried to rush through the appt (like that's ever possible) and it took 3 hours to get back home. I saw no damage or any further evidence that he came back, but instead of running other errands like I had wanted to do while I was out, I rushed home and didn't want to leave again. UGH!

BTW, I'm glad I was here when this happened, not out, because even though I'm physically weak, I can scare the crap out of just about anyone just by my voice, if need be. I grew up being bullied and treated like crap by many of the people around me, especially my parents, which means now, when I have to, I have a loud booming voice with wild gestures that will scare off someone pretty well. Also, my cat would've been in danger had he gotten inside, so I would've flipped out and screamed bloody murder. Of course I could've just gone into a tirade about medical issues using techical jargon and creeped him out, or just told him I'm highly contageous and if he doesn't get the antidote in an hour he'll die, then send the cops looking for him at an ER. haha

So yeah, I had a hard time concentrating on the appointment because I was freaked out, but I got through it. I'm going to keep a close eye out for this guy and try to not let the fear rule me, but I'm going to have to try to not let it get to me. I have too many things I need to deal with to be terrified over what might have been a really horrible mistake this guy made without thinking. Still, anyone willing to send positive thoughts my way that this never happens again, I'd happily accept!
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  • TC8890
    I am fairly new to Spark.....I don't know where you live....but my husband was in the military...gone for a year or more at a time...I hae 6 or fur babies to take care of....so I CONCEAL AND CARRY......................I would shoot and kill to defend my home if I had too.....something to think about...I am A CHRISTIAN...but i DO BELIEVE....I have an right to be happy and safe...and to defend my family if I have too....................thanks
    1478 days ago
    Glad that everything turned out OK. Be careful. I am glad that you like the new GI DR. emoticon
    1489 days ago
    I am so glad that you weren't hurt and your home violated. Hopefully, he will not ever come back.

    Thrilled to hear that your new doctor is listening to you. That takes some of the worry off. Not all but some.

    Hope you are well,
    emoticon emoticon
    1489 days ago
    That is scary! I hope that guy does not come back.
    1490 days ago
    What a tough start to your day!! You're a strong woman, to get through this and make it to your appt on time. So sorry about the near breakin at your house. I've had breakins before at my homes in the past, had a knife held at my throat for 5 hours during the night on my 16th birthday, and it sure leaves you with feelings of fear and feeling vulnerable all the time. It's hard to relax and sleep easy for fear of it happening again. I worked nights my whole life for fear of sleeping in the night.

    So happy for you to hear about the new GI doctor. You need to be heard, and sounds like he's been listening!! Good doctor. I truly wish the Golytely was sold OTC. The closest thing to it is Mag Sulfate. I've given Golytely by the gallons to many patients, and then I see the video or pictures of how cleaned out they are when they get scoped. Many times, after a pt drinks the gallon, all their intestinal pains and problems go away. If it was OTC, I'd do it twice a year. I learned in Nursing school, that "What the patient says it is, it is". for everything, every complaint, pain or otherwise. I just cannot believe that your primary MD would not vouch for you!!. They are required to fill out the paperwork for disability!!! I am outraged!!! I think I would give her the forms, and tell her to fill them out. See how she does, and either turn them in or not depending on what she writes.

    LOL, I can just picture you and hear your booming voice, I know you would scare the crap out of anyone!! That made me laugh.
    Seems like we all have up and down days, just being alive. It's part of the Human Condition I think.

    I say my prayers almost every day, and you are in them. I pray that things work out and that somehow, someway, you get to keep your home and that you get approved for LTD. How long have you waited now for the LTD?? It took mine 8 months, for SSDI. I used Binder & Binder Disability Attorneys. It cost me $300. I saw their ad on TV, and got on phone with them that very day. I think it made a difference.
    I wish I could come live with you and help you each day, at least I would have some purpose. I would if I could!! I just don't think I could tolerate the cold winters though. Not after you told me how you have to dress for the cold.

    Keep us posted. I worry about you. My issues are small compared to yours. It's just not fair. I will pray you get your LTD asap. BTW, I have been reading your blogs. But after I felt so overwhelmed at what you've been going through that there just weren't any words I could say to make you feel better. I think I am going to go back to the Ellen website and resubmit your story. I'll do that tomorrow morning.....Hang in there, I know it's harder than heck for you!!
    1490 days ago
    It's good that you found a doctor willing to listen and who actually wants to help instead of just pushing you to the side. :)

    As for the incident, it's awful. It is def. possible that the guy thought the house was abandoned. Still, he should have knocked to made sure that the house was empty. Part of me thinks that wasn't the case. The car in the driveway or in front of your house would have tipped him off that someone lived there and was home. Sure, cars can be abandoned too but it's pretty obvious when they are. You are driving your car. It's functional. That is an indicator that someone lives there. Whatever the case, it was a scary incident! It's good the police know about it. Maybe you could talk to a couple of your neighbors and let them know to keep an eye out. Neighbors aren't always the friendliest people but when it comes to situations like this, usually, they listen.

    That probably doesn't make you feel a whole lot better it's good that this happened before you left because you are aware and can take precautions. Something like this may never happen again. Hopefully it doesn't but being cautious can't hurt.


    1490 days ago

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    1490 days ago
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