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The New Me...In Progress.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

For me, July 1, 2013 will be the starting point to a BIG lifestyle change. I don't want to wait for another New Years to come around for an excuse to make a ton of resolutions that I will never carry through. I'm making my own "new year" by starting on July 1st of this year. It's going to take longer then a year to get where I want to be physically, but a year from now is when I want to see a huge change. I had a friend take a picture of me today at the duck pond while she was photographing my kids. That picture will hang on my fridge and in my pantry for the next year to remind myself of what I don't want to look like anymore. A year from now, I'm going back to that same spot, with my friend, and she will take a picture of the new and improved me! I'm so excited for this new year and new me.

What all do I want to change, you ask? Well, for starters, I am horrible at regular check ups, pap tests, eye exams, and all. So, I want to make appointments to see them all and get on the right track to healthy. I want to lose 100 pounds (for starters) and have a BIG party when I do! I want the changes on the outside to reflect the changes on the inside. I want to join a new church and repair my relationship with God. I know he is real, I know he is there, and I know he forgives me when I do wrong. He deserves more time then what I've been giving him and he needs more praises and prayers from me. I want to strengthen my marriage. We'll be married 10 years this's time to spice things up. ;) and I want to be a better momma to my two boys. Also, I want to go back to school and back to work. I have a lot of goals in mind, I just have to brainstorm how to reach them. Losing weight is first and foremost my most important goal. All I think about is my weight and it's time to lose it so I won't have to think about it anymore!

I'm hoping that with prayer, encouragement, and self-discipline that I will be able to get through this next year without a hitch. I want to accomplish something...and this is my time to do something for me.

I've signed up to run in a 5K in Disney World on Feb 21, 2014...That's almost my half way point and I'm hoping to have made some huge improvements by then. One year...I can do this!

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