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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today has been a good day. I taught 4 hours of classes this morning, 2 hours of water aerobics and 2 hours of swim lessons. Then I came home & had a healthy lunch. Took a nice nap. Then we got hit with a BIG storm so my evening classes were canceled. I fixed dinner & when DH got off work we headed over to take care of the granddaughter's dogs. Once we got back home, we ate dinner & here I am. In between time I did a lot of sparking and put together a couple of jigsaw puzzles on FB-puzzleworld.

I have been working hard to revitalize a team that I have been on for 4 years. I got a SparkMail from one of the members who was very discouraged and I felt compelled to write & share my story with her. I thought about it, and I am sharing it here because someone else out there might be feeling as discouraged as this sweet lady is... and as I WAS. Here's what I wrote:

I joined Sparkpeople in 2009. I had weight 450 pounds. I worked hard Sparking along & doing my best to exercise as much as possible in water AND doing chair exercises. I actually managed to get down to the most awesome weight of 299 pounds!!!! WOOHOO... the TWO's!!!!! THEN IT HAPPENED............ I started to gain weight. I was working out more than ever. I was eating properly and cut calories again. By Oct 2012 (teaching water aerobics & swim lessons as a JOB now, working with not 1 but 2 nutritionists, & working with a life-coach) I had gained back up to 410 pounds and we totally & completely depressed. I got a therapist because I was actually beginning to think crazy self-destructive thoughts. I also went and threw myself on the mercy of my doctor and cried "Uncle". THANKFULLY, she sent me to a pulminologist to investigate sleep apnea. That Dr. did a sleep study & found that I have SEVERE Sleep Apnea. By mid-December, they put me on a CPAP machine. The Pulminologist told me that day that he believed that within 6 months I would see an 80 pound weight loss. I admit that I was skeptical but I was also desperate and willing to try anything. Now, don't get me wrong, I admit that in the end, before the CPAP I had gotten very discouraged and was giving up. I was not eating the way I used to, not being as careful with my choices and not being smart. However, I was still exercising around 3 hours a day. From the day I got this CPAP machine, I began eating properly again. I no longer weigh & measure my foods like I once did, however, I do stay within my set caloric range. 1350-2350 calories per day. What has happened? As of last Thursday, exactly 6 months & 1 day later, I weighed in EXACTLY 80 pounds lighter thanks to SLEEPING!!!!! I have hope again. I am finally in a spot where I feeling like my Spark is revived & I can push forward to try to reach my goals & my dreams. I am hoping that other folks will catch that Spark and together we can all learn to Love Ourselves Healthy... while moving "down the scale". I believe that this is a real testimony to NEVER GIVE UP! If we do all the right things & they don't work... we need to pursue it and find out why. In my case it was a lack of sleep. It can also be Stress related. There can be other physical underlying reasons like thyroid issues or other causes. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOU! You are WORTH IT!

The most important message here is: NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

My food was low today. My exercise was high. I am happy with my plan of action today.
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