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I have babies!!!!!!!! (Hint: they peep) pics

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hi everybody, I've been busy lately. I've been working hard on building a chicken coop out of someone's old used coop and an old dog house. It's about 3/4 done and has been quite the challenge since I have no directions and almost all the materials are old and recycled. Since I was close I decided to go ahead and get some chicks so that when the coop is done they'll be old enough to go out there. It's almost the end of the season for getting chicks. I ended up with four chosen from the dozen or so brought to me from the hatchery owner, including lo and behold a lone duckling! The chicks are Blue Lace Red Wyandottes and the duckling is a Indian Runner. Here are some pics: six days old

nine days old

They are growing very quick. The duck seems to be the boldest and most watchful. When they are awake they all peep and and run around in their tote box and eat food and drink some water, especially the duck. They they go back under the heat lamp and and squirm and peep and jostle until all of the sudden everything is quiet and they are all fast asleep for about 5- 10 minutes. Then they wake up and start all over. The chicks are a rare breed of wyandottes and absolutely beautiful when fully grown. The duck which I was told will be white when feathered out is a flightless bird from southeast Asia where their method of defense is to run. So they have a funny silhouette standing upright like a penguin. He's already very fast. Based on how alert he is I bet he'll be a guard duck, LOL
Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Today one of the chicks died. It was the lightest colored one and destined to really show the blue lace plumage really well. But it was not to be. It seemed really healthy at first but started slowing down at the end of yesterday, and by this morning it had stopped moving and wasn't eating or drinking. I tried to get food/water in it with an eye dropper and it seemed to perk up slightly but it never really recovered and kept going downhill until it died. I don't know why it could have been any of a number of reasons.

Luckily the rest seem to be fine. So I hope the rest don't have any problems. It was very disheartening to lose one.
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