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Boring's good, Boring's fine!! (with lots of pics)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Well, I'm on two teams and I seem to be good at maintaining. All this yardwork and such and still maintaining. I will have to ponder this. I may even go as far as to **gasp** give up the coffee with creamer.
I know. It's a horrid thought but these mutant ninja cells are becoming quite jello-like on my a$$. ((watch it jiggle, see it wiggle))

Would you like to see what I've been up to? My oldest calls me daily and says to me "Mom, everytime I get on the phone with you you are 'just finishng' up gardening" LOL WhatcanIsay? I'm on a mission.

My husband in his infinite widsom has decided that MY garden is just too much to manage. I have never understood his logic at these things. See, MY garden that I plant, that I water, that I take care of is too much for HIM to manage. Kind of like cheer that I pay for, that I take the girls too, that I schedule is too expensive for him...how is that POSSIBLE? LOL I don't ask ... I just look for my brain in the back of my head (aka: roll my eyes)

Anywhoooosit, he decides and I agree that we are to double the size of my garden :o) the first thing we did is to create a raised bed for my roses. They were next to my house in essentially clay and looking a little sad:

So I helped hubs build a box (he does little with his recent back surgery...not for lack of trying but because I'll beat him myself if he overdoes it)
I did let him water after finishing it up...

Then we went to expand:

In the end, it turned out well. I had moved all the pavers out to the other side of the house and put the shed on it so we have a walkway (My girls helped me with that and I couldn't be more proud!!)

I can't wait to get another "fence/gate" up with a pergola and grapes climbing up it and what not.


We went and picked up our other "daughter" from the airport. See, we have girls that have grown up with our girls since gosh before first grade...we call them our "brownie" girls and they are just as much family as their parents are. Anyhow, for my daughter's 16th birthday this year May got to come down and this was the reunion at the airport.
They have known each other for well over a decade now and hope to attend college together. I let May show me her driving skills...

We have two more to pick up this Sunday. Holy Moly as house full of estrogen. Just the way I like it! LOL I've been Pinteresting like crazy for party ideas. Now what to get these two girls for their birthdays? (Oh, I forgot to mention...It's May's sweet 16 as well :o) )

Kim Possible and I decided where to go.........and the winner is
Sandals Resort in Grenada (Island of Spice) So, I be starting a savings for that.....after the party.

So, as you can see, life is boring. Life is good. Just the way I like it.

til next time!

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