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Day 1? again?? :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I feel kind of like this is the beginning of my new though continued journey, if that makes any sense :) Yesterday I did better with eating, my meals were healthy but the snacks were still bad. Like 2 big servings of ice cream and 2 cookies throughout the day. I am working on it though! I know if I try to change everything overnight it's too overwhelming, but I am admitting to it and making myself aware of what I'm still doing that I want to change and my main goal is to do better and be more in control every day.

As much as I'd like to get off artificial sweeteners some day 100%, right now I have crystal light in my pantry and it REALLY helps me drink more throughout the day, so I'm just going for it for right now. I'll use up my supply and help kick start my loss again. I'm not one to drink much soda or diet soda (normally, though lately I have drank some), so at least crystal light is better than pop, but I do like just drinking tea and water. It'll happen again soon :) Gotta get rid of it somehow and if it helps me right now, to drink more "water" and less pop or juice, etc, awesome.

So yesterday I took some of the strength exercises and made my own groupings. I made legs, core and arms groups. I put all of my favorite exercises and put them in the appropriate groups, then wrote them down in the groups so when I go to workout I can look at my options and easily pick and choose what I feel like that day. (without looking at ALL of the options on the site for each category) Then when I go to track, I can add the whole group, or groups (depending on if I only did one or all, etc) and just check and delete the exercises I did not do. It sounds complicated, but it is helping me, it makes it simpler and more doable overall. I tried it out today, did some exercises in each category and added them and I really liked it! :) Yay to a successful step!

So far I've eaten healthily today, I had my green smoothie, one cup of 1/2 caff coffee with flavored creamer and it's about time for lunch (and I'm hungry!) so I'll have something out of the freezer - either a lean cuisine or a leftovers from a healthy meal that I froze. We'll see if I can resist temptation for ice cream when my son is napping. I've noticed a pattern, but not sure what I can do to change or replace it. When I am alone and can relax, that's when I get into the ice cream, etc. When my son is napping and after he goes to bed and other people are in bed. Those are the two worst times. I'll curl up and watch some tv and eat ice cream. I'm not sure when that started but I haven't always done that. Maybe I'll temporarily try to substitute a healthier snack and then get rid of the snack and replace with something else. We'll see. Anyone else have that problem and have suggestions?

Anyway, today I'm feeling positive and much better than I have in a while, so I guess I'm ready to start kicking butt again, just maybe in a different way :) I'm also giving up running for a while. I would feel SO accomplished and like a rockstar after a run, but I'd always dread it and put it off. I'm deciding to focus on long walks and other exercise for now and when the time is right I'll want to run again :)

Okay, gotta make lunch - have a great day!!
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