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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I was watching 'Extreme Weight Loss' last night, then happened to wander to the facebook page related to it. Most people were commenting on how great the kid was doing, but as I read down the comments, I saw some people complaining that it was unrealistic and that you couldn't do that in real life. (Seriously, it's not 'The Biggest Loser', you see the person struggling in each show! This kid was not learning nutrition, he was just focused on losing the weight and didn't get the nutrition part no matter how much his doctor or trainer told him!)

What I really saw, reading in between the lines of these people, was that it was too hard to change. These people like being the chubby person and, even if they are upset with their point of life, they weren't ready to change their bad habits. I know this because I was not ready a couple of years ago.

There were a few other people really looking for good advice. I gave them this site, not the link, but the name, it's easily searchable both on the web and facebook.

When I start telling people (and I wasn't sure I should on a weight loss show's post, but I did anyhow) I say I did it, it takes time, and people here have gone through what they have. I may not have gone through your exact circumstances, but someone here will have.

The other big excuse that people say is that it's too expensive to lose weight. Well, I did it.

I have, for a family of 4, about $125 a week to feed the family, around $450 per month, and I may spend slightly more. It comes down to about $30 per person per week to feed my family. We eat well for what money we have. It did take a little more to begin with since I had to reset my cabinets and fridge. I don't have the funds to have a lot of junk in my home, when I'm done stocking up the good stuff, I just don't have the extra funds for the unhealthy stuff. We eat plenty of veggies and even have organic foods and things without hormones added in our diet. It just takes shopping weekly and going to more than one store, if available, and shopping on the ads. I can't afford to not buy on sale, if it's not on sale, I can't afford it. There are very few items that I don't buy on sale because they never go on sale, like milk, but in general it's all sales!

Exercise doesn't cost anything. I walk in the park frequently. It's free! I clean the house, it may be part of what I should be doing, but it's still exercise! I happen to have some exercise games, so they weren't free, but after the initial buy, it doesn't cost a monthly fee. I have 2 full sets of stairs, those are my stairclimbers, free again! I'm rearranging the house and going through boxes, strength training today! Boxes are heavy, and it's free too! I could easily use my kids as part of my routine, piggyback them and walk, that almost brings me back to the weight I started with, I get paid in giggles when I do that! There are so many ways to get those extra steps in for the day, just keep moving, take the long way, park farther back in the lot, park on the far side of anything you're going to park near, if you're close enough, walk to where you're going, don't drive 2 blocks, walk!

It doesn't take much to start your weight loss journey or keep on going, it just takes that first step and that's learning. You need to start reading an article a day and changing one habit at a time. Instead of that cookie in your hand, have a piece of fruit or some full fat yogurt (fat is needed and keeps you fuller). Add a salad to one meal a day, it doesn't have to be lettuce, just cut up a tomato and cucumber with basil and a little vinaigrette and call it a salad.

Don't feel bad if your idea of perfection is not adhered to, we're all human and we make mistakes, but remember this also, no food is off limits, you're not On A Diet, you're eating for life, but you can't have certain things all the time, they're treats for a reason, so savor them when you do have them instead of eating them daily. When you have them daily they're not treats anymore.

If you fall off the bike, just get back on and keep on pedaling until you're on the straight and narrow and in balance. There are no excuses that can't be overcome, just find a new way to do it!

Today's Holidays: The Toothbrush was invented 1498, Beautician's Day (You're beautiful just as you are, but most people tend to need a haircut occasionally), Forgiveness Day (forgive yourself first, then you can move on), National Canoe Day (great exercise, especially upstream) and National Chocolate Pudding Day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I enjoyed your blog and line of thinking! emoticon
    1726 days ago
    We don't get that programme here but we do get things like Biggest Loser. There is a programme here called Secret Eaters - mainly it is about people who cannot understand why they have got so big because they eat "so little"!
    One woman even said that after going to the gym she could eat with impunity because her body would burn it all off!! But then couldn't understand why she was nearly 20stone! Once they have been shown where they are going wrong they usually manage to sort themselves out. A lot I think is ostrich mentality which, I am sure, we have all suffered from time to time!
    1726 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    I'm not sold on weight lose shows and stopped watching them long ago. It isn't normal that most people can invest that much time to leave everything and go to one of these places, and many just don't get it because they aren't ready yet. Besides they really push them, I don't care if they are watched and tested etc. the amount of exercise they do in one day---just isn't what most can achieve in one day. I do commend those who lose and continue maintain their weight loss tho that are on the shows.
    1726 days ago
  • ACRAIG921
    Great blog. Too bad I missed last nights show. I think I told you that my boss will be on the show soon. She was not the main contestant, but they did it as a group.

    There are no excuses for not being healthy. Exercise can be totally free if you want it bad enough. It can be tough changing food habits, but again, if you want it bad enough.

    You have a good head on your shoulders and are a great role model for your family. I like that you choose not to spend the money on junk food but instead opt for organic food.

    Thanks again for your blogs. Keep up the great work :)
    1727 days ago
    There are things I like about the show, and things that bother me. What I liked: the show emphasized the negative consequences on just focusing on extreme weight loss and the need to eat the required minimum number of calories each day. This kid almost lost everything because he was so focused on the scale, and skipped meals to the extent he endangered his health. I like the support shown by the trainers and public figures for obese people trying to lose weight -- there is too much negativity directed toward the obese.

    What I don't like -- is the extreme goals and extreme programs. Most of us can't exercise for 4 hours a day or be strict all the time with our diet. Spark's program of consistent easy changes works MUCH better for most of us! And I don't think we need trainers or expensive equipment or extreme challenges to become healthier and stronger and slimmer!
    1727 days ago
  • KAREN608
    I know several people that feel to lose weight they have to join a diet group, a gym or something, buy special clothes/shoes and special diet food. In the real world, we that do it without all that are far ahead to meet day to day life. I need to find that show online to see what it was or the website. Got me curious.
    1727 days ago
  • MISSG180
    I have deep misgivings about those weightloss shows....
    1727 days ago
    Great post, as usual. I also watched 'Extreme Weight Loss' last night. I usually record it and then just watch the very beginning and the end/reveal (I don't need all of the fluff in between and it's just too long). But, this one sucked me in and I watched the whole thing. I was a pile of tears for much of it; they are always very emotional stories. But, I also had similar take-aways from the show as you did. Much of it was me thinking, ugh, you don't need to buy all of this stuff!!! Granted, a lot of it was the commercials in between the actual program. I fast-forwarded through most commercials, but still saw plenty and imagine most people take it all in as one. I also felt it all seemed rushed and a little unhealthy, but I guess I lost my weight pretty quickly, too. I guess if the show inspires a few people to get up and get moving in a positive direction, it's probably a good influence.
    1727 days ago
    I watched the same show. The guy did struggle with the food issues but the last few months it looked like he finally got it. I would like to see what he looks like in 5 years or even next year. I get the impression from watching the show that they monitor these people very carefully to make sure they don't ruin their lives trying to get thin.
    This kid seemed really determined to turn his life around. The first day he was up before Chris really working out. He also balked at facing some of his fears and learned to conquer them. I wouldn't recommend everyone lose that much weight in a year; but I have to admire that young man for facing so much adversity and making himself much healthier in the process. Thanks for bringing this topic up. This really needs to be brought up and you make some great points in making losing weight affordable. Also riding or walking when possible instead of driving the car will save you money on gas.
    1727 days ago
    PS: I forgave myself for the brownies as it is forgiveness day...and I am moving on....

    1727 days ago
    Very motivational and all true....I am glad you posted the spark people name on their site...hopefully it will help someone...I know it is making a huge difference in my small step at a time I am really for once learning what it takes to embrace a truly healthy lifestyle.......

    There is no turning back now that I am on the path to success....

    1727 days ago
    emoticon There really is an Excuse for every day of the week. You are right, it take YOU being Ready and taking that First Big Step.

    National Pudding Day!? It would be flat out disrespectful not to have a bowl of Chocolate Pudding!! Am I right?
    1727 days ago
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