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My dog is confused.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm pretty sure my German Shepherd would have me committed if she could, citing recent unexplainable actions on the part of her owner, me:

emoticon She watches me pedal a bike in the living room, but the bike doesn't go anywhere, and I’m pedaling so hard that I don’t seem to notice I haven’t moved! She cocks her head.

emoticon She sees me on the floor on a foam mat making funny motions (and noises), but I’m apparently not playing because she’s not allowed to join in. She lies down and sighs.

emoticonShe comes into the kitchen to investigate odd noises and finds me dancing for all I'm worth...with there's no one else in the room and no music. She whines and sits down.

The last straw is the hula hoop. It looks like a toy, it moves like a toy, and if she could get just one bite, she's sure it would TASTE like a toy. But that’s not allowed. I can see the question mark over her head.

I really do wonder what our pets think of our intentional exercise. Like children, they are active by simply playing, and I'm trying to rekindle that joy in myself. I have to sign off now - going outside to throw a ball around for a very excited (and patient) faithful friend! Happy activity today, everyone!
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    I've often wondered the same thing. My dogs just give up and retreat to resting or playing when I use my AeroPilates. The cats are a different story. The ropes and cords move and they want to play. Then my "fluffy" boy decided to bite a rope and after learning his lesson has resolved to do what his sister does and just bat at it instead.
    1690 days ago
    That is so funny! That reminds me of years ago on those rare times I would do some exercises on the floor back when I had dogs! And they would both either jump on me or paw at me or lay right beside me and interfere with what I was doing somehow!!! emoticon
    1697 days ago
    All so true. I giggled at mine doing this until the 70 pound greyhound laid across my legs when I was trying to do 'Lying Double Leg Raises'. Those are hard enough without any extra weight being added! My border collie has almost been run over by the Swiss ball during Jack Knifes because of where she chose to suddenly lay down. Hard to say if she was trying to join in or say 'You look ridiculous, stop that!" emoticon
    1698 days ago
    I agree! If my son and I start to do the Wii active games, they went to join in on the running ( in place) or whatever else we are doing and we tell them no. Of course they can't understand why they can't join in and I agree - they must think we are nuts!
    1698 days ago
  • SISSIE21
    So funny! I'm jealous you can do the hula hoop. I tried and have lost the art, it just keeps falling to my ankles! emoticon
    1699 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/27/2013 11:32:12 PM
  • STARFISH1961
    How comical , I totality hear you , my two little Chihuahuas think im wanting to play everytime I get on the floor for exercise. They just run around and bark and nibble at my fingers and toes . Sometimes I get frustrated but cant help but laugh cause they get so worked up and ready to play! Nicely written emoticon
    1700 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Aww! emoticon
    1701 days ago
  • KENWANNE2013
    :-) I can just see his beautiful puzzled face. When I used a trampolene my cat use to sit above, and hit my head when I passed.

    My cat Jack likes to walk on me whilst I'm using the wii balance board doing a centring exercise. It (wii) comes out with great quips like - "you appear to be slightly unbalanced" or "your weight seems to be different to last time" reply: "yes, last time I didn't have 5kg of cat on my shoulders....
    1701 days ago
    Very sweet! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1701 days ago
    Hahaha! Cute blog! On my kettlebell DVD, they warned us to put the cats up before starting because they think the swinging kettlebells are toys and will chase them, which could be CATastrophic!
    1701 days ago
    I laughed out loud til I had tears in my eyes! emoticon I can actually see your dog doing everything you described because my cats do the same thing! emoticon Isn't great to have them with us? You have a wonderful sense of humor and I needed the laughter. emoticon Keep up the GREAT work you are doing. and thanks for the laughter.
    Love, Chelsea emoticon emoticon
    1701 days ago
    A few months ago I had to put Lexie out side. I was doing an exercise video and she lay and watched me for a while, then thought I must be playing. She got so excited she was running around in circles & then started rebounding off me. She weighs 65lbs so I had to end that in a hurry. I ran out side with her happily running behind me then I turned & ran in shutting the door behind me. She stood at the door looking rejected. Steve rough houses with her & I guess she thought mom had changed her mind and wanted to play rough too. You do wonder what goes through their minds.
    1701 days ago
    One of my dogs sits by my treamill and tries to lick my leg every time it goes by. Funniest thing!
    1701 days ago
    Asher comes and lays on my Yoga mat, making a place for himself. He's NOT being left out. He's decided he doesn't like it if I pick him up and ride the stationary bike with him, so he gets in the chair behind me to nap. Funny how they figure out a way to be with us despite what we're doing!

    Have a great time with your furry friend!
    1701 days ago
    You think that is bad, my Guinea Pig squeaks and jumps around the cage when I do my video's. It is the funniest thing. He will stretch up the side of the cage and rock from side to side, for a while then he give up and goes back to eating his hay. Not the best workout buddy, but it sure does make it fun. emoticon (i know it's not a piggy, but close enough)
    1701 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    I have often wondered that too. Ginger lays on her back on the floor when I do situps and she moves, well, she brings her back legs and her head together from side to side. Like scratching her back. I think she thinks she is doing situps too. LOL. It is fun to watch their expressions as we do such crazy things around the house. Mine recently had to stop all snacks because of her diabetes. She hates this, but we pretty much stopped the snacking as a family too, I wonder if she thinks we are being like her or she is being like us.
    Have a great day. Sounds like you are getting in a lot of exercise, that is great.
    1701 days ago
  • SUNSHINE99999
    A good friend to have. Keep on moving your body and I bet your friend at least secretly enjoys the show. emoticon
    1701 days ago
    Good MaMa rewarding her patience ! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Keep moving !! emoticon
    1701 days ago
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