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Rediscovering old recipes

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yesterday I was trolling the internet and I stumbled upon a recipe my husband had LOVED. I wanted to be lazy for dinner, and it is a snazzy side for a sandwich, so it was on. It is zucchini breaded with panko and a bit of italian seasoning and baked served with this carmelized onion dipping sauce. The sauce isn't great for you at all, it is really zesty, so a little goes a long way. Needless to say, he was thrilled with the hot ham and cheese sandwich with the zucchini fries. Usually it is like pulling teeth to get him to eat zucchini fries, so it was a good thing. Our friend who hates veggies came over as well. He was giddy about the fries too. I call that a victory. I might try it with wheat crumbs instead of panko sometime. I like straight up zucchini spears, but apparently breading and baking works for the guys.

In other news, I hit 10,000+ steps again yesterday. Yay! I love seeing the little happy faces on the fitbit sign in.

I also lost a pound.

I'm still sore from the workout video two days ago, so today I'm just going to walk and do weights, but tomorrow the video should be back on. It works so fast. I'm already seeing definition in my arms after one try. LOVE LOVE LOVE Tiffany Rothe videos on youtube. Last time I tried them, I lost something like 3 inches from my hips in two weeks and they are only 10 minute videos that are easy to follow. I stress easy to follow, most workout videos I feel like I'm tripping over myself trying to complete. These are great. You feel them a little at the time, but maaaan, the next day you KNOW they worked. I like the "booty shaking workout" (killer for hips and arms) and the "Get your sexy back" video. She has tons of choices though so you can mix and match. My husband makes fun of me (in a good natured way) for doing them, but he's just jesting, they are a little silly- but don't all workout videos make you look a little silly? As long as you get results, I will wiggle, dance, etc!

I think I'm going to give myself a sparks sticker for every 5 lbs. Something to see visually how far I am going.

Last night I found a slight cheese trap- cream cheese mints. I've never tried them before, but I made a batch. They taste like York peppermint patties, but made with recognizable and few ingredients. I didn't dip them in chocolate, but might try dark on them. I also made sure to make them the size of a nickle so you can have two and feel like you are having something for an ultra luxurious snack that is 60ish calories. I had too many while I was making them (6)- and I was still waaay surprised by my restraint because usually I mess up dough a lot more, but I think it will be ok now. I tend to prefer a third oz of dark chocolate and a glass of skim milk for a dessert, or fruit, but this is a super sweet alternative.

Cheeseburger trap. A month ago we drove to white castle. It's a two hour drive, so we only make it every few years. I love those greasy little sliders. I always get a crave case and put it in the freezer. Tastes waaay better than the store-bought sliders. Anyway, at white castle, I ate 10 cheeseburgers and a fry last time. Usually at home I eat 4 cheeseburgers and some accessory (last time I think it was 3 mini moonpies). I have had the cheeseburger craving- but yesterday I only at 2 for lunch (340 calories) and some cherries. I still got my greasy cheeseburger and it was surprisingly filling. I'm ok with that. I shouldn't do it every day, but it is actually a good way to keep me away from the fast food place where more burgers and fries would happen, and yet still fulfill the craving. Some people like chocolate, I like cheeseburgers. I think I'll do it again today, if only because I have to defrost 4 cheeseburgers at once, but I'm still calling it a victory of sorts. Also, my husband is off today and he likes fast food, so this could save me when I say, "let's eat at home". It is less than one meal spread over two! I only have 8 or so cheeseburgers left, so they'll run out over the next few months, for now, I think its ok.

Sleep. Holy Schnikeys batman, I cannot sleep at night anymore. I'm tossing and turning. Not sure if it is because I am sore, or what, but usually I sleep like a log for 8.5 hours and this week it has been hard. I think with the healthier food and exercise my body just has waaay too much energy, though I am trying to exercise and eat early.I'm hoping my body figures itself out and I can start getting some more sleep. This sucks. My cat likes it though, he gets extra cuddles when I wake up. I'm not sure he's not behind this.

That's the last day. I hope everything is awesome for everyone else. A day at a time, right? In the words of Dori, Just keep swimming!
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SUNSHINE99999 6/26/2013 10:26AM

  emoticon you are doing great so keep the positive flow going.

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CAROLJEAN64 6/26/2013 10:17AM

    I am so impressed at all your successes and all that you seem to be learning about yourself. emoticon

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