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I'm officially a runner :) and unofficially doing my first half-marathon!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yesterday's weight was hovering JUST over the 150 mark, but I went ahead and credited myself with another pound lost (and I'm solidly 150 this morning, so it wasn't like I cheated.) At 150 I was supposed to get new dvds, but I've been so stinking busy these past two months, that I know if I buy them now they'll just collect dust, so I decided to invest in my new running/walking hobby and bought some new shoes!

I've never bought actual athletic shoes. I've only ever bought off-the-rack at Kohls, and haven't had anyone professionally fit me since I was a kid.

It makes a HUGE difference!

I was ridiculously nervous when I walked into Swift Athletics yesterday -- the place everyone recommends for running shoes. There were several thin young men in there, and thought "OMG they're going to make fun of the fat girl." But of course they didn't. They asked me to walk for them so they could see what kind of gait I had, and what shoe would be best for me. They noticed I over-pronate (I remember a ballet teacher telling me that more than once) and suggested shoes that correct that.

So I left happy, with a lovely pair of Adidas that fit my feet like ... well, a sock, I guess? Anyway, they felt incredible and I couldn't wait to try them out! It was ridiculously hot out, so I only did the C25K intervals (and I still couldn't finish the last, longer interval, which really disappoints me!!) for 2.5 miles, but it was great. My body felt SOOOO much better. It's amazing what having the right shoes can do for you.

I finished and did some resistance training, including Coach Nicole's ridiculous 6-min butt workout which is INSANELY tiring and I hate her for that last exercise, but it gives me an outlet for my hatred, and hopefully also a cute butt.

So the next "treat" is in 5 more pounds, and it's getting my belly button repierced. The hole closed over when I got pregnant, and I swore when I got down to the weight I was when I FIRST got it pierced, I'd get it redone, so I'm looking forward to that. I miss my jewels :)

Oh, I almost forgot. So I'm at the shoe store, and the guy convinces me to go ahead and sign up for this 5K run/walk that is the "warmup" run for the half-marathon we have in October. Then we get to talking and he tells me I just join this 13 weeks to 13 miles team, which trains you to walk/run the full 13.1 miles. It starts next week. So I said yes -- and now I'm training for not only the 5K run, but also the 13.1 mile walk! (I actually have a wedding to go to that day, so I'm hoping it's late enough that I can still do the half-marathon!) I'm excited, and slightly overwhelmed, but mostly just excited!
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