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Flower Thief

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So yesterday I get a call from my husband..

A women comes up on our front lawn and bends over and rips my Aztec lily (beautiful brilliant orange) out of the ground (roots and all) and starts to walk away with it. My husband saw her through the window and started out after her, yelling for her to drop the flowers and she had no right stealing our flowers. She kept on going and finally threw the clump at my husband..he said she had a nice bouquet going on for herself picking as she made her way back home.
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He got into his car and called 911 and followed her home. She apparently lives way on the other end of the second block and the neighbors came out and said her and her son are trouble makers (crazy) and she steals from them all the time.

She threatened my husband with her umbrella and was swearing and giving him the finger.

The police said they have trouble with them all the time as well. My husband said that my wife has a bad back and is in pain for 2 days after planting or tending to the garden...I think the audacity was what got him the most.

My husband told her how would you like it if I took all your things from your front yard..

Anyhow, I hope the loony bin doesn't come back causing trouble cause the police were involved and chop down my flowers.

I do have to say I laughed my hinny off when he tells me the story and still find it hard to believe..but surely hearing him tell the story is hilarious.

Have you ever bin picked!
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    So far she has not returned! Hopefully she doesn't.
    1626 days ago
  • JULIA_211
    I know exactly how your husband felt! We have a looney in the neighborhood who would take the big garbage bag that was holding all the smaller ones, on garbage pick up day. One day my husband went after her and told her that the next time he sees her he was going to point the water hose on her, lol! He also complained to her brother, he must've said something to her because she stopped doing it. It's the audacity that infuriates! emoticon emoticon for your husband!
    1627 days ago
    I can't believe a grown woman did this.

    We used to decorate our house fairly extravagantly for Christmas and Halloween. In the same year, all our decorations were stolen. We never replaced them, assuming it was kids and they would do it again. But for a woman to do this and then throw them at your husband? emoticon I'm glad your husband went after her. She needed to be called on it.
    1632 days ago
  • ILUVU2
    Oh Wow, that is sooo funny!!! Coincidentally, last night me and my 2 kids, were sitting at the park in front of the house, it was already dark out, we were just sitting at the picnic table, looking at the stars, listening to music, it was still really hot out, but it was great! Anyway, a truck pulled up to the corner of the park where all the flowers are and got out and got himself some! haha I said, "I guess maybe he's taking them home for his wife". So, I don't know, I almost wish my husband would still some park flowers and bring them home to me!!! Never, going to happen. ha Also, was reading the remarks and when I was like 16, I stored my 10 speed bicycle on the back porch and I remember hearing them in the yard, looked out the window and they had a big like moving truck, full of bicycles that they were stealing, apparently, all over the neighborhood. But yes, that is not nice. Luckily, all my pretty flowers are in the back! haha emoticon emoticon
    1632 days ago
    The cops warned her that if anything happens our way, she would be arrested. I guess a warning..if I was there I'm afraid I would have said arrest her for trespassing, attempt to assault my husband, and stolen property. I know it is mean, but she does this to so many people it is sad...
    1632 days ago
    I don't understand why the police didn't just, at the very least, scare her a little and maybe stop her.
    1632 days ago
    When I was a kid, I picked the flowers of my friend's Mom. She still tells that story about me! Chris
    1632 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    Unbelievable! Obviously that woman has no sense of property. The radio this morning had a blurb about that.

    I hope the police will support you through this.

    1632 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1632 days ago
    It's totally outrageous and the police need to do something about it. She sounds mentally ill. I would get some security cameras, a fence, or a dog.
    1632 days ago
    Had a brand new set of tires and rims stolen off our porch. That was the most expensive thing stolen. That happened years ago when we lived in town and there was a rash of burglaries in the area. We should have hidden them somewhere. But flowers!?! And boldly cussing the owner out!?! How deplorable! It is enough to make one mad emoticon and after that sad emoticon to realize there are those who just don't care who they hurt!

    May the Lord bless you with lots of flowers! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1632 days ago
    I love the title "Flower Thief"! This is hilarious, but sad. We've had our reflector stolen from the end of our driveway and election signs during election season. It's amazing to me how low some folk are willing to go.
    1632 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    All laughing aside, it really is sad that some people stoop so low - and yes, I have had all kinds of stuff stolen from our front garden, including solar lights - the second time that happened we decided not to put them in anymore. Stealing hanging baskets happened a lot.
    1632 days ago
    Great story, i am guessing that she will be back as crazy as she sounds
    1632 days ago
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