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why am i commiting suicide?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

don't worry. it's all in the game.

never thought i'd see the day, but thanks to spark I am dancing again. our theater group, mostly people who have had no experience in the theater arts, has been working for a year on themes from romeo and Juliet.

we have discussed the characters and attempted to 'translate' them into movement. we speculated what romeo and Juliet would have been like in 50 years had they lived. and we tried to 'feel' what it's like to swallow poison (that's where we commit mass suicide on stage). we divided up into 5 groups, drew 3 slips with themes (ours were 'family', 'trust', 'mourning'; others were 'strength', 'blood', 'treason', 'italy', etc.), developed them into a scene. then we put all this together to a piece we are performing tonight and tomorrow night.

to put the scenes together, we just run around on stage bumping into each other, this happens at least 6 times, consisting of half the evening; at the beginning we come out in pairs, pretend to be disgusted with each other and then act like idiots (he saw monty python's institute for silly walks, wanted us to do the same). sometimes, if our ballet master feels like it, we are supposed to be insects. we find out two minutes beforehand which it is, insects or idiots.

the whole thing is over in about 45 minutes, thank god. it's driving me nuts. started out as a great idea, but then what he did with it... well he seems to think we are too ... well... kindergarden, I suppose... or the audience is not capable of understanding what we are doing...

to tell the truth, I really don't know what we are doing.
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