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3rd and final part of saga: assorted parts of Isaiah.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Isaiah 7:4-9 assorted:

be careful, keep calm & don't be afraid. do not lose heart...because of fierce anger...plotted ruin... IT WILL NOT TAKE PLACE. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. they will be too shattered to be a people. IF YOU DO NOT STAND FIRM IN YOUR FAITH, YOU WILL NOT STAND AT ALL. wow. i said. wow.

12:1-6 "you will say in that day, i will give thanks to you , O Lord, for though you were angry w/me, your anger turned away that you might comfort me; behold, God is my salvation. i will trust and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and song. he has become my salvation. with joy you will draw waters from the wells of salvation and you will say in that day: Give thanks to the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds amongst the peoples. proclaim that his name is exalted! sing praises to the Lord for he has done gloriously. let this be made known to all the earth shout and sing for joy all the earth, o inhabitants of Zion, for great in your midst is the Holy One!

this is the calming part. the high drama of Amos is the steroids reacting, i felt, & feel. but a warning. how much am i starting to attach to STUFF and not God? how much am i going through these motions? but calm down. stay right. stand firm. stop freaking out. i have lots to be stress-filled about. lots of STUFF going on. God distracting, aimless, who cares, don't have to be in that drama so why am i in it STUFF. focus on God. i am so scared that i will blow it. when i feel a ribbon of hope in one situation, i feel ripped by another situation. and i see it is Satan. and i see that what God gives me, is all contingent on how i take care of, handle what he gives me. SOME OF THIS WAS NEVER MY JOB TO TAKE ON. GIVE IT TO WHO HE ORDERED TO GIVE IT TO. BREATHE. LET IT GO.

I ended w/Isaiah 17:10-11: "for you have forgotten the God of your salvation and have not remembered the Rock of your refuge; therefore you plant pleasant plants and sow the vine branch of a stranger, though you make them grow on the day you plant them, and make them blosson on the day you sow. yet the harvest will flee away in a day of grief and incurable pain. "

i have had that pain. i think i was given the last verse to read AFTER the stay calm part, to remind me of when i have done something to attempt to MAKE God bend to my will, and it seemed to be going great, and i was filled with incredible happiness. and it was all a sham. because it was not from God. those incidents where i tried to control God, NEVER worked out well. and i understand: "incurable pain"... i truly do. and i realized how incredibly stupid i had been to try to get others to believe that my way was better than God's way--or/and that God was really for what i was doing, when we all knew that was never ever true from the get go.

i have gotten 2nd and 3rd chances. i am profoundly fearful i will make the same mistakes. i don't want to. i want to do whatever it takes, however it takes, to let God lead this one. to NOT mess this up!!

this is my 3rd and final saga. sorry too long. the points were: calm down. obey God. the rest will fall into place. never forget God, and what he does for me.
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