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Oy, what a day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm tired and in a crabby mood right now.

Fifth day of summer and we're getting pouring rain here in Northern CA. Huh? I got to work and filled out a time-off request to take Wednesday and Friday of next week off (to make the holiday a five-day weekend). My boss HATES when anyone asks too far ahead of the fact, Well, this time apparently someone beat me to it because I can't have the days off.

Then I had a couple of co-workers tugging on my sleeve like little kids all day. I had posted a gigantic payment batch yesterday (over $106,000 dollars). The paper copies arrived today (I posted from the electronic transmission yesterday). Well, I barely had them out of the Fedex box when one co-worker came up and started rifling through them as I tried to date-stamp them! I told her they were already posted and she just had to check her claims in the system to see if they got paid, but that wasn't good enough. Then another told me that she needed to straighten out the file drawers because I've made such a mess of them. I file the payment batches in order. People take them out and put them back any which-way. Grrr...

I had asked a friend for a little help removing some trash and changing a smoke detector battery (it's chirping again). He said he would but then he backed out. Trying to figure how to get it done by myself. I'm probably going to have to ask my helpful neighbor to change the battery, since the simple fact is that I'm too short to reach it and don't dare stand on a chair!

Not helping is that I didn't sleep last night. Weird dreams all night. I dreamed I owned a small hotel with a restaurant. Believe it or not, I tossed and turned trying to come up with a vegetarian entree for the dinner menu! I had the meat and fish courses with no problem but vegetarian stumped me. I woke up and thought, "Duh! Manicotti Florentine!"

I'm tired. About to stick a couple of chicken thighs and a potato in the oven for dinner. I hope I'm not kept awake trying to come up with dessert for this totally fictitious hotel!
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