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Self Declaration (a poem written by my daughter)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Self Declaration

Today, I will not be a victim
Of my own undoing.
I will stand tall, looking the world in the face and as
The world looks back at me I will be empowered by
Every smile that meets my face and every glare
That is supposed to hurt me will not phase the
Glorious person that hides behind my
Previously off-putting demeanor of
Fear and unsupported distaste for
The people of this world who are probably not
Laughing at me, though I’ve always thought that I
Was the joke.

Today, I will not be afraid of the stranger
Who puts out his hand or his words and
Tries to brighten my day, and I will not
Assume the worst of people, and I will not
Assume the same of myself.
I will walk with my head held high and
Sing to myself and to the world and
It will be wonderful to have everyone hear
The happiness I feel
And hopefully to make someone else’s day
Better than it would’ve been without me.

Today, I will not be affected by malicious words, but
The booming words of past wonders will linger
In my mind and my heart as I try to make a difference,
And I will know that someday,
I will change the world. I will stand amazed in the
Beauty of everyday, ordinary things
Because they are beautiful in the same way that
I am and you are; though we are all different outside,
Inside, we are the same.

Today, I will not be a victim of my own undoing and
I will not be the joke or the example or the mold;
Today I will be me, and it will be incredible.
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