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Exhausted, but some good things are going on, too.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my body. Today I went out for my walk/run and I felt depleted from the very beginning. I made the entire 3.4 miles, with some running, but I was very slow...about 20 min/mile...and I had to stop along the way a few times with my head down to catch my breath.

I don't feel hungry after I run, but I know that this is the time I really need to eat. And I also feel very sleepy and tired for the rest of the day after I workout.

I don't have a big appetite so I'm trying to eat the best foods I can, with the exception of today when I grabbed a Whopper Jr. while I was out because I just felt weak. I always get my Whoppers without cheese, mayo, and ketchup, and I add mustard, so it has 250 calories but 510 mg of sodium, which is a lot for such a small sandwich. I'm trying to keep my sodium level at or below 1500mg because my body doesn't handle salt very well.

Anyway, I thought I might be running low on potassium because I've been sweating so much of late. I took a 750mg potassium pill this morning hoping that it will help.

I think I might take tomorrow off, or maybe just walk my 3.4 miles with no running. Maybe my leg muscles just need a rest.

On another note, I am doing very well with the water and exercise challenge that is part of the Biggest Loser Sun-Sational Summer LEMON Challenge. Every time I use the restroom, I am doing 10 "push-ups" against the wall, trying to build up my arm muscles so I can do actual push ups again. I use to love doing those things. It will be good to do them again some day soon.

Also, a beautiful Malamute or Husky dog showed up at my house a few days ago. He is wearing a thick grey collar with no tags. He doesn't seem to know where his home is and has decided that I belong to him. Every time I walk outside, he comes to my side, licks my hand, and walks beside me wherever I go. When I go out in the morning for my run, he goes with me. I don't let my dogs go because they guard the house and they also are not very cooperative. But this guy, who is very sweet, stays right with me or runs a bit ahead of me, looking back every little while to make sure I am following, and then comes back home with me.

I think someone may have dumped him out near my house, but I am going to put an add in the paper in case someone is looking for him. I'm falling in love with this dog, but I don't think I want the responsibility and expense of yet another dog. I'm not really a dog lover. I lean more toward cats because they help me to relax. But this dog, for some reason, is really beginning to get to my heart. He is just so sweet and no matter how much I tried to run him off the first few days, he refused to go. And my dogs don't seem to mind him being here either. They all lie down together under my car during the day.

Lastly...as I was driving up to my driveway a couple of hours ago, I saw something out of the corner of my eye in my yard, so I turned my head to see what it was. There, in the middle of my lawn, in the wide open space of my lawn, was the most beautiful deer, just lying there in the sun, seemingly unafraid to be seen. I haven't seen that before! I've seen a huge wild turkey near that same spot, but not a deer lying in the open grass.

OK, enough of this yakking.
I hope all of you have had a wonderful day and will have a peaceful, restful evening.

emoticon on!
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    I've been eating 4-6 servings of freggies per day, including my favorite: kale.
    I'm really having to push myself to eat enough each day but I haven't made it to my minimum calories for a couple of days now, but I am eating at least 1000. If I don't eat 1000, I won't exercise. It's not good for my heart to do so.

    Still, I was listening to SparkRadio and it said that people over 50 do not need to eat as much as younger people, but I wonder how much is too little.

    I rested on Sunday and I may rest tomorrow as well. I'll see how I feel when I wake up in the morning. But like I said, if I do my walk tomorrow, it will be just that: a walk...no running.

    Thanks for coming alongside, ladies. I appreciate it very much.

    OK...I'm hanging it up for the night.
    Sleep well!
    1492 days ago
    Josie, are you taking some rest days? You are pushing yourself pretty hard and are you eating enough? Hope you find the balance that works for you. emoticon
    1492 days ago
  • KAB7801
    Are you eating your vegetables. If I have my tired days I pack in the salads and spinach and it gives me energy
    Just a thought
    1492 days ago
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