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Ideal Protein Week 2 Check-in

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My weight loss on IP has been a little confusing. I started this diet on June 14th 2013, so it has been about two weeks. I messed up the first 4 days of the diet because I ate two restricted foods each day until my first clinic check in. The funny thing is, that on my home scale, i was losing a pound or two a day. At the 4 day clinic check in, i didn't lose anything according to their scale. A week later (today), the clinic scale said I lost 1 pound. According to my home scale I lost a total of (162-156) 6 pounds. I dont know which scale to trust. A part of me tells me my scale is better because it is my weight first thing in the morning. The clinic appointment is at 2:40pm, which is after i have had breakfast and lunch and lots of water. So I can't tell.

anyway, i am jealous of the fact that everyone on IP i read is losing a ton of weight and here i am, miss fatty, sitting here cheering myself on when there arent any real results. I wonder if this diet is for me. I have been sticking to it after my mistake over a week ago, i should have lost more. my coach says i am the only person she has met that isnt losing weight on this diet as fast as her other clients. its like seriously? FML!

I have been struggling with my weight ever since i was a kid. I remember my first weight loss pills when i was in middle school, highschool, college. I worked out like crazy. I tried to eat well but always had an erratic food schedule. Sometimes I ate, sometimes I didnt have time to (I'm in college right now).. so frustrating. Honestly. I am sick and tired of being fat. Everyone tells me, Meesh, accept yourself and be happy. The thing is, i can't accept myself the way i am. Having Zoha (my now 4-year-old daughter) messed up my body SO much. There are mothers who get back to their pre-baby weight after just a year or two and here i am, still struggling. It is just so embarrassing. emoticon

I am going to stick with this, because this HAS to be my last diet. It just has to. I am unwilling to go on and try new things. I am sick and tired of it. If this diet doesn't work. I'm getting liposuction. I've had it.

lets see how week 3 check in goes. I'll keep you all posted.

Thanks for hearing me out. I really needed to vent!!!

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    TXMONKEY No, I don't think she has the BCA and I have no idea who the medical practitioner is either. The place i go is "fern life center" in issaquah, wa. it seems like a pretty legit place. I think i'll email the lady to ask her about that. thanks for pointing that out. I'm not really exercising, I just do yoga every sunday and other than that just housework n stuff. Nothing strenuous. I do get my 4 cups of veggies, 3 packets of food, a ton of water (approx 80 oz), and the oil (i usually cook with the required oil)... so yeah... seems like i am doing it all right. it might be my meds..hmm emoticon

    NUWALK, yeah, it is a ton of water I drink and sometimes I think I might not be flushing it all out. Coach said I should add a pinch of salt to it... the scale drives me crazy. yesterday i was 155.6 and today 157.6. like really!? grr. i think its the water.

    Thanks for your post everyone!!
    1703 days ago
    emoticon oh the scales! LOL

    a gallon of water = 8.33 lbs, so yes, would think how much you've been drinking adds weight to the weighin. clothes too, were your clothes by any chance heavier? (did you hide rocks in your pocket??? ;)
    1704 days ago
    Is your clinic doing the BCA scan each week? It checks your body fat %. You can lose body fat even if your weight isn't dropping much. Are you eating exactly the right amounts of food? It's a very exact diet with no wiggle room-- 4 cups of the select veggies, 6-8 oz protein and 3 IP foods/day. Drink your water, eat the 2 tsp of oil raw and get in your salt to keep your electrolytes balanced. No exercise the first 3 weeks or cut your workout intensity in half for the 1st 3 weeks.

    This is a medically supervised plan, so your coach should have a medical practitioner to check with about why your weight isn't dropping. You're paying for it. Your coach should not make you feel badly about the slow weight loss-- it's he/his job to problem solve that, not blame you.

    This diet works!! Keep it up!
    1705 days ago
    Not sure what IP is but it is about progress not perfection. I think you should trust your home scale. The reality is it does not matter what scale as long as you stick with the one you started with. If I am losing on my home scale good...if not that means I gained. I always weigh more on my doctor's scale. I always check to see what I weighed the year before to see if I gained and lost on their scale. Hang in there...your body just might be slow responder...but it will respond to all the healthy choices you make day after day. Go for I! emoticon
    1705 days ago
    Thanks PIMPINELLAN50!! :) I appreciate your kind words. I've decided I need to keep a better eye on the times I'm eating at and sticking to it.... need to stay consistent!

    1705 days ago
    It can be very frustrating for sure..but hang in there emoticon
    Good luck and best wishes in week 3 and forward! emoticon
    1705 days ago
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