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Surviving so far...SCD is harder than I anticipated.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today is officially day number 4 on the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). And it's really hard. No grains, no sugar, no lactose...no potatoes, no corn, no rice. It's really hard. I'm basically eating meat, eggs, veggies, fruits and nuts. I have to read the labels for food really closely, and when I think a food is safe, I go back and find that it's on the illegal list. So disappointing! As someone who does not cook much at all, this diet requires a lot of cooking in order to have variety in my meals. That's been the hardest part.

I have talked about this diet with everyone around me though. That seems to help to a certain point. Then everyone starts giving me their two cents, and I end up feeling like I have to defend the diet, which is not really how this should be. I'm beyond nervous to be going away this weekend. First, my stomach is still not 100% and second, my food can be so much more controlled when I'm in my own apartment. Crossing my fingers that it goes good!

Another hard part is fighting my desire to go back to old habits. There have been a couple nights already where I changed for bed early just so I wouldn't be as tempted to drive to a store and buy chocolate. And it's not that I'm craving it, it's more like I'm craving the peaceful/calming effect that chocolate has had in my life...like a security blanket. Is that weird? Thankfully I have found my place in work and with my family and friends so I have a lot of support around me. The stresses in my daily life now don't make me cry on a regular basis like my last job.

I am now headed to the gym, hopefully my stomach will feel better by the time I get home tonight and a good sweat will help me sleep...:) I know that I need to be thankful for every day that I wake up, but I truly look forward to a day when the first thing I think about isn't how much pain I'm already in or how I'm going to stick to this specific diet. That is what I'm looking forward to!

Wish me luck on the scale tonight!
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