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Losing Weight is FUN!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I had this boss years ago and I was in the middle of my weight loss when she told me "losing weight is fun!" I must have given her a WTF look in frusteration cuz she said "Really it is, it's exciting to lose weight". She was the weight I am now and she was on maintenance at WW's. I guess what brings this up is I feel like the past few days I have been running into so many ppl saying "ughhh losing weight takes forever!!" or if I tell them about my loss they say "How did you do that??" Dr. Oz's magic rain forest pills of course! No! I freaking got off the couch. I also stopped eating garbage, cuz lets face it you are what u eat. And I was leaving a literal dent in the couch...And yes losing weight is FUN! It can be frusterating at times but seriously what is cooler than dropping weight and having an exuse to splurg on new clothes and get compliments from friends and coworkers? I kinda wish I was losing weight again and that excitement of seeing the scale go down. Fitting into new and exciting sizes. I miss that it was a great feeling. So you girls and boys out there with weight to lose. Enjoy the ride! Have fun and buy that cute blouse and think of me lol Also remember you didn't put the weight on overnight... so why u expecting it to come off that fast? Enjoy!

I got this new app for my phone called Whisper and ugh it's addictive. Lots of girls with eating disorders. It's kinda nice to try to help. I can see myself in the past in so many of their comments. Funny how many things in life can only be resolved by waiting them out growing up a little bit. But no 20 yr old wants to hear that, I sure didn't want to at that age.

I went for a run this morning and usually I don't give myself permission to walk. I love when I run with Scott and it's a tad bit warm and he says "we can cut it short if your too hot" What??? What??? Did you just challenge me make the route even longer to torment YOU?? lol ANYWAY it was overcast when I left for the run this morning and the sun came out to bless me with it's wrath on top of 80 degree humidity. Toward the end I had to walk, I had to give myself permission to walk. I always see running as a personal challenge. But when a run sucks, a run sucks. Don't kill your next run to stroke your ego a little this go around.

Day 151: Happy Bella/Sad Bella. She managed to eat a bee or something related and bloated up again. Thanks benedyl for helping her....again. Her temp is down and she is finally sleeping. Neither of my other dogs have ever done this, yet she has eaten 4 bees somehow. Thank god her grampa and grandma have a vet business!
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    LOL - yes, the losing part is fun. The plateauing sucks. And maintaining - well, it isn't as much fun, but it's doable.

    Poor doggie - why is she eating bees???
    1731 days ago
    LOL! I'll be honest, after my first 25 lbs all I wanted to do and complain and say "WHY ME?!" After 50, I'm like "F*** YEAH! 50 more to go!!!" I feel absolutely fabulous. Love that I fit into Victoria Secret bras now! Love going to the clubs and guys actually finding me attractive.

    The only thing I resent are the leftovers of what I was.. saggy skin, stretch marks. I look like I've had children, and I haven't. I wish I had the body of a "normal" 22 year old girl.

    Yes, weightloss can be fun. It can be fun proving people wrong. For the first time ever I can say this loss is all about *me* and how *I* feel about myself-- and I must say, the journey has only made me stronger.

    Great blog! Glad the pups is getting better!
    1732 days ago
  • THESB25
    Bored with maintenance? All the more reason to try something dunno...a sprint triathlon? emoticon

    You're awesome, thanks for the encouragement and the awesome talks lately!
    1732 days ago
    What a terrific post! And, losing weight IS fun, though I hadn't really thought about it that way. Learning to run is also fun. In both, you keep hitting new milestones! For me, running started with C25K & I remember the first time I RAN 2.5 minutes. Unbelievable! It was so HARD & I was so PROUD! And, since then I've run 4 half marathons. Crazy!

    But, maintenance is HARD! When you are at a goal weight & looking great emoticon , but you have to eat right & exercise just to stay the same... that's hard. There's no joy at a new accomplishment! And, the same with running... you have to keep seeking out new distances, new sports, or new PR's. Don't you? (I did.)

    Anyway, thanks for the post... it made me think! And, hope you don't mind but I'm going to 'steal' your topic for a post that I'll make my own.

    Keep on Sparkin'!

    P.S. Glad to hear your dog is better!
    1732 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/26/2013 9:01:19 AM
    I wouldn't call it fun...more like frustrating! I've been at this a long time and should have made my goal by now, but life has gotten in the way. :/ But thanks for your encouragement.
    1732 days ago
    Oh no!! Not a bee again. I wonder why Bella is so attracted to bees! She is so cute. I wish she would stop doing this - its so dangerous.

    I am not liking this heat!!
    1733 days ago
    I agree that sometimes I miss the challenge and excitement of losing weight. Don't get me wrong I'm happy as a clam to be at my goal of 126, but it's an ongoing battle to come up with new ways to challenge and push myself...a fun battle, but a battle nonetheless.
    1733 days ago
  • DIETER27
    Great blog thanks for sharing!
    1733 days ago
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