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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One thing that I have been learning about myself along the way to my 70.3 is that I am a great one for pounding square pegs into round holes and that I am a classic avoider. What I mean by avoider is that when something isn't right I have a tendency to avoid it. For example, I avoided training on my tri bike most of the winter because it wasn't comfortable, it was tolerable at best. Unconsciously, I avoided cycling until Spring rolled around and it dawned on me that maybe I need to take it somewhere else than where I originally got it and get a second opinion and get fitted. The rest is history. So much more efficient and I can stay in the aero position for a LONG time.

Running is another thing I have been avoiding but this time I am on to the procrastination culprit. For anyone who knows my history, it's a head scratcher to hear me say that I have been dreading going out for runs. My hip is killing me and my left ankle is stressed and unstable. Going to a chiropractor has helped alot to correct the imbalance - long leg / short leg from all of the sitting that happens during a typical day BUT go for a run or two and it is back to the same ol' same ol'.

I was standing the other day and just standing hurt my hip and I could really feel the leg length discrepancy. To cope I slipped my heel out and stood on the back part of my shoe where it folded over and mashed it down under my heel, elevating the short leg... Problem solved although it didnt do the shoe a heck of alot of good.

I went out immediately and bought these gel heel cup inserts, put left and right together, trimmed them to fit and Shazam! I felt the difference immediately. Put them in my running shoe and did a 4 miler totally pain free. Without the insert it feels a little like I am pole vaulting on my longer leg. multiply that by thousands of foot strikes and you have a major issue. I am believing that this simple correction will make a profound difference in my event. I am sore from damage done already BUT with proper rest and recovery after running and using the inserts to prevent further damage, I believe that all will be well.

There are a ton of other examples but the whole theme of this race so far is work smarter not harder. It has forced me to really shoot for doing everything right, quality over quantity rather than beating myself to death. Now when I am out there, it isnt the pain that slows me down, its me being out of shape. I have avoided running and have been so hit and miss that it has impacted my running endurance.

The good news is that, from experience, I know that my endurance comes up fairly quickly I have no worries.

I ordered a wetsuit last week and it should be here later this week... man, this thing is getting real. Here is a video review of the wetsuit... very highly rated and very economical... only $180.00 for the sleeveless model.

The suit I bought...

I know this sounds a little vain but I suited up on my last ride in my tri-suit with all of the gear and DANG... I seriously look the part!


Maybe this will be the race where I get some decent race photos of me looking cool rather than everything all hanging out toward the end where I dont care anymore..just wanna finish!

Maybe it will be a little of both... 70.3 miles is a LONG way...
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