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Thoughts forTuesday

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's sinus headache weather for me, and my sinus' aren't letting me down! I've had a headache since yesterday, and I'm not sure there is any relief in sight!

The bathroom remodeling is coming along, although a lot slower than I expected. Hubby projects it will be done by the end of NEXT week! I thought it would be done by the end of LAST week, UGH! It does look good so far, but I'm getting tired of the mess. I am a control freak, and not being in control of which bathroom I choose to use is really bothering me. I know that seems dumb, since some people don't get to make a choice, but I'm not liking this one bit!

My mother in law isn't doing well, in fact yesterday I thought we'd be making arrangements for her funeral today. I haven't heard anything yet today, but I'm hoping that whatever happens her pain level improves. She has RA and is having a flare up. At 88 that's not what she needs. I did some talking to God yesterday, and then listened to songs for the rest of my lunchtime walk, and one of the songs that came on talked how God always answers our prayers, but sometimes the answer is no. My prayer request was that she doesn't suffer and is pain free, since she has suffered a lot in her life. She has always held her head up high though, and tried to do the right thing.

Ah rambling, sometimes it's good for the soul right?


I am the only one who can do this for myself.
I make the choice of what I put in my mouth and what I don't.
I make the choice to exercise or not daily
I make the choice to have a positive frame of mind
I make the choice to be healthy!

Goals for today:
~ read my mantra
~ 80 oz water
~ 12,000 steps
~ 25 flights of stairs
~ call for hair appointment
~ keep an open mind
~ journal every bite
~ weigh and measure food today
~ journal thoughts and feelings surrounding eating today
~ smile at least once an hour
~ learn something new and remember what I learned
~ eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal and as one snack today
~ laugh out loud today
~ focus on this lifestyle I have chosen for myself and don't sweat the small stuff

I look forward to this awesome day that we have been given and intend to spend every minute wisely and with purpose!
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