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Going to get third opinion on my cervical spine today

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Driving with my Dad today to see a neurosurgeon about my cervical spine issues. The best outcome? Either that weight loss will significantly decrease the severity of my migraine headaches and neck pain or; 2nd Best: that after a certain amount of weight loss, that he would be able to operate and repair the damage done, which hopefully would decrease the severity of my migraine headaches and cervical spine pain. Are these unrealistic expectations? Perhaps. But I need to hope for some light at the end of the long, dark tunnel of despair that I am currently trapped in. Self pity? I don't feel sorry for myself and certainly would not want anyone else getting that impression from reading this. I have seen the trials and tribulations that many of my SparkFriends have gone through and continue to go through. I merely submit this as an update. One of my primary motivations of losing weight is to get some substantial relief from my pain, hopefully to a point where it is manageable. Final note: I was getting a head shave with my Dad yesterday (we both are going for the cueball approach-he goes every week and I go every 2nd or 3rd week) and was conversing with my barber when the topic invariably turned to my "condition." He said something that kind of hit me funny-that once I lost the weight that-he put it this way "everyone needs to accept a certain level of pain that you have to grow accustomed to, as a part of the aging process everyone goes through." My Dad was quick with the pollyanna "That's right." Boy, I dunno why but that p---ed me off. (Gee, George, duh, oh, why did you get angry with me? I'm not angry Lenny. Look at the birds, Lenny look at the pretty little birds.") Anyways, probably me being oversensitive. But the inference seemed to be: 1) that the weight that I carry is the primary cause of my cervical spine issues and migraines; 2) that both of those would disappear once I lost enough weight and 3) that any pain after that I would need to get used to, i.e., translate that to "grin and bear it, fatboy!" Like I said, I am pretty mad over this. It's not the first time I've heard this. Once it was suggested that I use a feeding tube as a method of weight loss, followed by my Dad saying "what do you have to lose?" REALLY??!!?? Hmmm, I wonder why this is not a recommended way of losing weight, that it is used only by people who can not eat at all or some Hollywood nit-wit trying to lose weight for a film shoot? Hmmm??? I wonder why.

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    I think that most people get that mindset "It will not happen to me" attitude, so it's easy to say things (think before you speak, jumps in here)
    But wait, it will happen to them, one way or another. And then they will experience others pain and know more of what's going on.
    A Doctor showed me the difference in my Dad's labored breathing, and then my cousins who were with me in the hospital room. Dad had Emphysema and it was
    close to the last stage. Anyway he held a stethoscope to my Dad's chest. And the sound was a whoosh, thump. Like his breathing was hitting a wall. Then he held
    the stethoscope up to my cousin's chest and you heard this whoosh that was like
    wind going through a tunnel. That stuck with me, and whenever I see a person on oxygen and struggling with breathing, I know how hard it is for them and I am sympathetic to their pain. Like all people should be to anyone suffering chronic or debilitating pain.
    1608 days ago
    I know. It really amazes me at how insensitive people are. Thank you all for your support me on this issue. Sometimes I think I am just being irrationally oversensitive about these things (to some degree I probably am), but many of my friends/family lack sensitivity about these things, whether they are well intentioned or not. How does the saying go? Ah, yes...The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Thank you all again. It is so very important to me that I have a sounding board on these matters. I hope to be able to do the same for all of you when the occasion arises.


    1608 days ago
  • FISHER011
    You are so right about being PO! Happy you are able to share & not keep things
    bottled up! emoticon emoticon
    Good you are getting another opinion. i like to read about your condition & updates.
    Why is it- people, especially- family belittles us! Even Doctors have told me eat salad! Lose weight & all your pain will dissolve away-Sheesh!
    It's because of the pain & not being able to move like others who don't have pain don't understand! Inflammation goes along with the pain.
    And because of this it leads to weight gain.
    I understand! I loved this blog! You made me laugh & then cry & laugh again
    -Great blog emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1609 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/25/2013 11:58:03 PM
    It's amazing to me how insensitive people can be. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes I can't help but get upset.... or worse. I hope the weight loss brings the spine and migraine problems under control. Living with chronic pain is hard, and nobody should have to just grin and bear it! To hell with that. My pain makes me angry, and determined to keep working on it.
    1609 days ago
    I too agree with Leslie !!!

    I mean who doesn't know that we all have pain of sorts to deal with in this life ...... duh !!!! We just do the best we can.

    I hope you got good results today and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers friend.

    HUGS !!!
    1609 days ago
    I agree Leslie. Thank you for the good luck wish. We all need all of the prayers we can get.
    1609 days ago
    Grrrr... I don't know why people who are not doctors want to give medical advice. Good luck today!
    1609 days ago
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