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Dog attack

Monday, June 24, 2013

My poor little Cooper dog got attacked by a big dog on our morning walk. It was bad. He had to get stitches and xrays, and has to wear a cone for a week until the stitches come out. I am debating whether to go talk to the cops. The owner of the other dog is paying all the bills, but her dog was NOT leashed and there is a leash law. I don't want to be bitchy, but my poor little dog is in pain, which makes me less sympathetic. Four different people, including a retired cop, have told me to report it. I will probably do it. It scared the crap out of both of us. Poor Cooper couldn't get away because he was on a leash, and I couldn't pick him up fast enough, so the other dog grabbed him by the leg and shook him, before I got ahold of Cooper. And then the other dog kept trying to get him even after I had picked Cooper up. Two random guys walking by had to grab the other dog, because he just wouldn't stop attacking. I am still upset and it was about 4 hours ago. Cooper is sitting in my lap totally zoned out with the sedation they had to give him at the vet in order to take the xrays and put in the stitches. And I couldn't find anyone at home with a car to give us a ride to the vet. It was frustrating, but finally my parents' neighbor agreed to run us down to the vet's office. Cooper bled all over me, but thankfully not all over the car. My dad suggested I get a cattle prod to carry on our walks, so I can zap any attacking dogs. This is not the first time Cooper has been attacked on our walks, but it was definitely the worst. I am seriously considering the cattle prod idea.
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    OMG! I'm SO sorry! You remember I went through this last year w/ my furkid. PLEASE report it! These people need to learn to put their dogs on leashes! We need to do what we can to report these people so their dogs can't attack anyone else's pets. I'm so sorry this happened. Poor lil Cooper. He didn't deserve that. I know how traumatic seeing something like that is. I feel like crying right now actually b/c I remember just how hard that whole experience was. It was horrible. Y'all are in my thoughts. :) I'm just glad he is going to recover and it wasn't worse. Believe me, I know just how you feel. And yes, a stick or mace or something would be a good idea too. emoticon

    Oh and at least your person paid for the bills. The sorry family of the dog that attacked mine lived right beside us and they're so crazy that if we had sued who knows what they would have done. I did report it though. But I didn't even get an apology! The lady apologized to my mom and stepdad but NO ONE in that family ever apologized to ME even after I told the guy she is MY dog. He just kept walking. They were/are such a$$holes. They moved...thank God. And their dog ended up dying not long after she attacked my dog.
    1702 days ago

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  • _LINDA
    So very sorry about Cooper :(( Unfortunately, this happens all too often with dogs off leash :(( My Mom carries a walking stick she wouldn't hesitate to use if another dog showed aggression or tried to attack her dog, but she was thinking of getting bear spray.
    I join the chorus in saying report it even if they are paying the vet bills. Its because people remained silent that they got away with it..
    emoticon Cooper emoticon
    1703 days ago
    I'm so sorry for both you and Cooper. A very traumatic attack.

    Most definitely report this attack. The owner should be fined for not having their dog on a leash as well as paying the vet bills. This may not be the dogs first offense.
    1703 days ago
    I'm so sorry for that bad incident. Definitely dogs shouldn't be around without the leash. It's unlawful for a reason.
    It's too bad that from now on you have to carry something to prevent further attacks, because unfortunately, there's is always someone that just don't want to follow the law regarding the leash.
    Cooper, emoticon
    1704 days ago

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    I agree checking with animal control to see what you can use on an attack.
    I had heard using WASP spray in a pinch if you didn't have pepper spray.
    ask around. Tell the neighbor between your cop friend and Vet. It was out of your hands to have it reported.

    1704 days ago
    So glad that Cooper is doing better, but that was so terrible. Why didn't the dogs owner step in ? Were they around, or just letting the dog go wherever he wanted to ? You should report it. Perhaps there have been problems in the past. Unfortunately, the dog would be the one to suffer because of "stupid" owners. You wouldn't have to press charges. Next time, it could be a child.

    Good luck, and hugs to little Cooper. emoticon
    1704 days ago
    Yes Report it, either way they are Liable for damages AND their dog needs to be quarantined for a vicious attack, so the Next time someone's dog is attacked there is a paper trail.
    Poor Cooper :(

    1704 days ago
    Poor puppy! I'm glad he's on the mend. That makes me so nervous when I take my dogs on a walk. My parents take a baseball bat on their walks.
    1704 days ago
  • FARRAH511

    I feel bad for your poor little guy! I hope he recovers quickly!
    1704 days ago
  • ANNIE1114
    How traumatic. I walk all the time and I have started carrying pepper spray. I don't know how much good it will do, but it makes me feel better. I would report it Cooper could have been killed or you could have been hurt. You might save another dog or child if you go ahead a report the attack. Too many people think their dog won't hurt anyone or anything because the dog doesn't hurt them or members of their family. These people don't realize that the dog thinks his or her human family is part of his pack and dogs usually don't attack people or other animals in his pack. However, any other person is not a part of that pack and could be fair game under the right circumstances.

    1704 days ago
    Poor little guy. I would report it. The other dog should of been on a leash to begin with, what if he attacked a kid. Hope little cooper heals fast.
    1704 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I like SammiesMom's suggestion. report but not press charges. If there is no record, then the incident "didnt happen" How will you feel if next time its a child?
    1704 days ago
  • GRANDMA1951
    You are lucky the other dog didn't bite you since he was trying to get Cooper. I actually carry pepper/bear spray when I run. Can't buy it in NY but you can order it thru the mail (Cabelis, LL Bean, etc.) It's just a little canister that fits in your hand but should do the trick.

    Good luck. Hope Cooper is going to be okay.
    1704 days ago
    Oh poor Cooper! And how awful for you. You love Cooper so much. I hope you both recover from this attack quickly. I agree with the others - you should report this right away.
    1704 days ago
    report it - that dog probably already has a history, and the owner definitely has to shoulder the responsibility of preventing further attacks, not just paying for damages. The only way authorities can follow through with enforcement is with victims reporting. Hoping that you and Coop get some restful sleep tonight
    1704 days ago
    OH Chandra and Coopey !! That's just HORRIBLE hon !! PLEASE DO KEEP us UP on how Cooper is doing from DAY TO DAY and YOU ALSO !! I am writing this after 1Am and wondering "hows she sleeping and Coop also"???? Dawggie night mares? When Izzy got outside,,,and that NASTY MAN would NOT let her outta the cellah and she was therah for THREE DAYS STARVING etc,, she had HORRIFIC night mares,,, so animals DO HAVE THEM !! She also would NOT SLEEP for 30 hrs,,,and than BARELY !!! Now that we've MOVED OUT of that neighborhood,, she's FINALLY after 5 weeks,, settling back into her normal routine. So I DO Feel for U BOTH !!

    I SURAH HOPE you can carry something to help PROTECT YOU BOTH from the "NEXT" Bite !!!! NOTICE "NEXT " bite. And for "THAT Dog" that DID bite,, once they do,,, hon,, most likely they WILL AGAIN and AGAIN,, that's just a part of being a dog,,, nature, so yeah, PLZ DO Report it, but of course let the owner know,,,its NOT personal its for the owners PROTECTION for it COULD Easily be THEIR OWN FAMILY the dog will BITE NEXT if it hasn't ALREADY. Those things are often HUSH HUSH. HUGS hon,,, did ya sign UP HOPEULLY to be a DAWG AGAIN???? WITH Coop of COURSE in the PACK OF US !! WOOHOOOOO O!!!! COOP emoticon emoticon Diane
    1704 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear about Cooper! You are fortunate that you didn't get attacked. I hope Cooper recovers quickly.
    1704 days ago
  • 35ANGELS
    Oh my goodness! Poor little Cooper. I would report it. You should walk with a stick, not sure if a cattle prod it legal. I remember when I was little my dog was attacked by a Newfoundlander dog. He almost didn't make it and it was very scary.

    Hope he gets better soon, and i'm glad the other dogs owner is paying for all vet bills.


    1704 days ago
    I'm so sorry.
    1704 days ago
    I would report it, just to make sure She and others respect the leash law. Things like this will happen if not enforced. So sorry about your little Cooper. Hope he gets well and recuperates fast.
    I like the cattle prod idea. I am afraid to take walks, because of where I live, I have coyotes and mountain lions, and an occasional bear. But we also have pack dogs, peoples so called pets allowed to run loose. And some of them are aggressive I doubt if the cattle prod would work on a bear though, may make it mad and you just back away slowwwwwwwwwly...... lol
    1704 days ago
    Report it. This dog may have attacked others. Really concerned that he kept trying to attack while you held Cooper - you could have been injured, too. My little ones have SMA (small dog attitude), and are always on leads while being walked. They don't understand when I tell them the big dogs are calling them "Snax". I tell myself I could lift them all up into my arms, but, truthfully, they would probably be trying to lunge out like idiots, or tripping me.

    Hope Coop recovers both physically and psychologically. emoticon Cooper emoticon both of you.
    1704 days ago
  • GEMSTONE1952
    I agree. Report it so it is on the record, but you don't need to press charges as the owner is already paying the bill. Hope your furry friend heals quickly!
    1704 days ago
    Oh you poor thing! I feel so bad for you and Cooper. What a horrible event. Please do report it. You could be helping and may prevent someone else from being a victim.

    1704 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Yikes that is awful. I would report it because this could happen again - that dog should be leashed!!
    1704 days ago
    You can report it so it is on record but not press charges. That is what I did. Most definitely tho you should report it, you don't have to take it to the point of making trouble, just make sure it is recorded so that if something else happens the cops know it was a second attack. That way if the people are irresponsible they will have consequences. I think everyone deserves one mistake, but not 2 when it's as serious as this.
    1704 days ago
    I am so sorry emoticon . Poor you and poor Cooper.
    We don't have a dog but my husband has been bit several times on his long runs. I think he is too kind as he now calls the owner ahead of time to say he is going up the hill. This area is more desolate and rural but a leash law still applies.
    This dog very well could attack a person. This happened recently to a woman who trains goldens and she has a permit for the dogs to run without a leash, however, a dog who was supposed to be contained in it's yard, went after one of the dogs and the woman tried to stop the attack. There is now a lawsuit taking place as it sadly caused this young woman to miscarry.

    Please take action for the sake of others and give your little guy a hug.
    1704 days ago
    oh my goodness that is awful :( I'm so sorry to hear. My dog Max is actually dog aggressive and I make it a point to keep him leashed at all times. He's never actually brutalized another dog but he goes crazy barking when he sees them on walks and he did chase a dog down the street when he got out of our yard once.

    At least this person is paying for your vet bills!! I guess you'll have to see what to do. When you talked to them, did they say whether this was the first attack the dog had ever done or is it an ongoing problem that they are aware of? I mean with reporting the incident, you really just want to make sure that they aren't going to let the dog off leash again.

    Why not try aggressive dog spray? That might be a more handy thing to carry with you instead of a cattle prod.
    1704 days ago
    Hi, I saw a friend had commented on your blog and of course, being a dog person, I had to read it. I am so sorry that happened to you and poor little Cooper. It is absolutely maddening when people don't obey the laws like that...makes it worse for the rest of us law abiding, responsible dog owners! oh my goodness, I will pray for your little furbaby... poor thing. I too would report that... the fact that the other dog kept attacking is dangerous. Someone else's dog might not be lucky enough to survive.

    Wishing you and Cooper better days ahead...praying he feels better very quickly! hugs, Karen
    1704 days ago
    Sorry that happened to you and Cooper .
    It is very scary, as it has happened to me. Luckily, Isis was so big ( 165 lbs) she could handle any dog that came at us. Usually, it was smaller dogs with Big Dog Attitude.

    I do agree with the others that it needs to be reported so it doesn't happen to anyone else's pet or a child.

    I hope Cooper is ok.
    Please keep us posted on how he is doing.

    1704 days ago
    Report it ASAP. Do not let this continue. A dog that attacks like that can only get worse.

    Keep a very close eye on Cooper. Love and prayers for both of you.
    1704 days ago
    I would seriously consider reporting it also. The owner sounds like they are being responsible for the aftermath but they should also have been responsible for having their dog on a leash.

    I feel bad for your poor little guy! I hope he recovers quickly!

    I like the cattle prod idea or the flashlight stun gun but I would definitely check the laws, too, to be sure you can have it.
    1704 days ago
    emoticon COOPER
    1704 days ago
    Has this dog had rabbie shot and distemper shots already. Is it in quarantee, now or don't they do that anymore.

    Wish the best for you! So glad the owner is being responsible and paying bills.
    1704 days ago
  • DARLY55
    That had to have been a rather frightening experience! I had two dog attacks on my older dachsund by an akita, it was horrible!
    It's a good thing you weren't bitten, too.
    I have a flash light that is also a stun gun, and my local police say that is fine with them!
    Be careful, Chandra!
    1704 days ago
    I hope Cooper recovers quickly! emoticon
    1704 days ago
    OMGosh, poor Coop, this happened to me and it is devastating. Glad you held on to the leash bc it could have been worse, if he had run and the dog grabbed him somewhere else.

    My dog was grabbed by the throat and had puncture marks top and bottom. She was so frightened. Owner just stood there while I got over the Chow and did what I could to dislodge him from my dog.

    You are blessed to not have been bitten by this dog as well.

    What breed of dog was it?

    Happy you two are safe and sound at home now. Though Cooper does have a few days of pain to endure until he heals.

    emoticon Cooper
    1704 days ago
    Oh my gosh! Poor little Cooper. That dog should have been on a leash. It sounds like the owner is trying to make it right by paying the vet bills, but I would worry about whether or not they've learned their lesson about using a leash. With that in mind I would consider reporting it so they will be cited to help them learn their lesson. Before carrying a cattle prod, though, I would check on the legality of it. Check with local animal control to see if they have any suggestions.
    emoticon Cooper!
    emoticon LESLIELENORE
    1705 days ago
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