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Monday, June 24, 2013

Well, here it is, Monday and I am pleased to say, there seems to be no water weight from that salt cooked Salmon on Saturday. I have to admit that this has really surprised me! Probably just fluky but whatever the reason, I am happy about that. emoticon

It is raining today, a hard downpour of rain! It is coming down so hard that I can barely see the house next door! Wow! Yesterday was rainy too, but a drizzly sort of rain. It is supposed to rain for another few days. Blah, sure doesn't feel like summer right now.

So I have no guilty feelings to sit inside and paint after I get my few chores cleared away for the day.

I have drafted out another cat in the garden picture, perhaps I will make it a series, I am not sure. I have 4 now with cats and flowers of some sort, influence of my own cat and gardens, I suppose. Two subjects I see often, so I know them better than most other things is a possiblity as well. I just follow where my brain and heart leads when it comes to paintings.

It has been pretty quiet around the house for a few days, not really unusual, but I am really noticing it right now. Not sure why...

Well that s a couple of unsure things, time to say some sure things, don't you think?

I AM going to be down on wednesday! I sneaked on the scale this morning, and I am already down. Just have to stay away from that darn salt!

I am staying strong with my willpower and drive to stay on track. Yay!

I am tracking foods and exercise everyday. Yay! 47 days in a row...! It really does help to have the tracker as my home page when I open internet explorer. I find it a little bit annoying when I am researching something, but I am dealing with that as the benefits of being reminded all the time to track is working real well!

My clothes ARE fitting better....even though I saw that awful picture of me yesterday. I have given away several articles of favorite clothes because they are too big to wear now. I don't want them hanging around waiting for me to grow into them AGAIN. No mercy, no excuses.

I called my doc in the city this morning to see if I can find out anything about when my surgery will be, but as luck will have it, they are closed today. I left a message at their prompt so that they will get back to me within the next couple days. Best I can do. I have put that call off for over a month now, so it is a positive that I have done it lol

It is shopping day this week...I have a list written out as always, but this time, I vow I will only get what is on my list. No extras, and no chips! I find those little fellows are dancing in my head after the little taste at the Potluck Saturday. Hopefully by wednesday shopping those little devils will have danced themselves out of my mind. I don't usually have trouble with this, I guess it was just that tease of a taste!

I am regaining more energy by the day, and that feels real good.

Overall, I am in a very positive frame of mind and will get the weight off. I love the feeling of clothes getting too big and I enjoy saying good bye to clothes I have lived in.. Some of those clothes were from times before I lost weight and regained it back, and I sort of felt that they hung onto the way I felt when I was wearing them. The unhappiness, the belief that nothing will ever change, the unhealthy image of me in my mind when I was MUch larger...I am throwing all that out when I give away those clothes. I am turning over a new leaf to a new healthier me and need to ingrain that into my mind and my heart...erasing away all those inadequate feellings I harbored in the past.

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling positive about yourself?

Have one terrific day everyone! emoticon
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    thanks hon, thats kind of you!

    This weeks chat will be a day late (on thursday) due to several members needing to go to Vancouver Island for various reasons. They banded together and requeste d a move of the meeting day so all could staill attend and weigh in emoticon
    1634 days ago
    I wasn't very clear about my reason for not giving up the larger sized clothing that is in our closets. I don't keep them because I expect to revisit those sizes; rather, I have just been lazy about disposing of them. Some of the larger sweaters, I still put on around our home in the colder months. I like their roominess & enjoy knowing I am getting additional use out of them.

    Anything I haven't used within the last twelve months goes to the church for the annual rummage sale. Although one year I did donate some really lovely blazers (from my time out in the work force), I hadn't considered that doing so with my unused larger clothing would be a good thing. I am determined to go through all the closets in our home & weed trough the clothing & with my beloved MrVs permission that will include any garments he no longer wants. I believe we will enjoy having more room in each closet after that chore is accomplished.

    I am in agreement with you, Bear, in that I, too, do not like the idea of putting money toward new clothing - when there are more important things that the money could be used for.

    I shared about your "Club Chats" with a gal on her Spark Page, so I hope that will draw interested folks to check them out.

    God bless!
    1634 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/26/2013 1:03:59 AM
    I would gladly take your extra sunshine in trade for some of this rain! We are getting a few spots of sun during the day...and I mean spots! 15 minutes to half an hour, just enough to let us know it is warm on the other side of the rain clouds lolI am sure they will move on soon, but not soon enough for me

    I too have clothing in several sizes that I have kept, hoping to get back to them. I have thinned them out a fe w times and now I only have the ones that are really and truly liked, which is fine with me.

    My goal in getting rid of those too big is not to make it so easy to slide back up again. It is so easy to do that if the clothes are there ander it is not made uncomfortable to gain weight once again.

    I don't like parting with money for new clothes, especially at these larger sizes and knowing that I am working at going down. That is why i have kept all the smaller clothes as well, so I won't have to by that size again. Being on limited income, to buy clothes in any size is taking proper food away from my budget, and that just won't do!

    This way, there is incentives to try real hard not to go up

    god bless!
    1634 days ago
    I like knowing that you are in a good place, Bear.

    A resurgent of hope is always a good thing.

    I am delighted to report that that is where I find myself . I had been "maintaining" (without having reached goal) for way, way, way to long! I am on my way down the road to total success & enjoying that fact. emoticon

    I find it interesting that you have given away clothes that are too large for your frame. I have three sets in three different sizes. Right now, I am in the smallest size & those are loose to the point of distraction. Although I have purchased some smaller (better fitting tops) I resist going "whole hog" & purchasing a whole wardrobe in the next size down, until I drop the complete amount of weight to goal. Maybe I will be able to go down two sizes. See the tinge of hope in that statement! emoticon

    Bottom-line: I tend to view new clothing as a non-necessity for right now. Also, the penny pincher that I am hates the thought of spending the money unnecessarily. emoticon Especially since I am not sure what size I will actually need when I reach goal. In the back of my mind, I have the idea that I will get a lot of hand-me-downs from our youngest - once I reach goal. She is a professional & has great taste. She, also, has more clothes than she knows what to do with - or so I tell her! emoticon

    I sure do wish that there was some way to divert some of your area emoticon to our area & a few of our ninety degrees to your area. emoticon

    God bless!
    1634 days ago
    Linda! That is wonderful! I am happy you are sticking with it, good on you for using their inside track! It will be a safer walk for you because it's fcompletely flat, no rocks to slide under foot AND there are people around to help if you do fall. Perfect. Happy walking and exercising!

    Yes I kept some of my smaller clothes that I liked as well. I can not afford to buy new clothes either. Only this time I am not keep ing stuff in case I gain again, I just refuse to go up and I also can t afford to buy new so that puts the kibosh on myself, stay the same or lose, no options!
    1635 days ago
  • LGAR519
    I know what you mean about feeling positive. I went back for my one hour class of water aerobics today. I do most of the exercises pretty well. I can not stand on one foot with my hands above my head though. Good balance is very hard for me. It's one of the reasons I use a cane when I walk. And I have very little range of motion in my left arm. I can not believe how tired and sore I am after class. I enjoy meeting new people. Most of them are very friendly.

    Can't wait until I start to see some changes. I kept all my skinny clothes from several summers ago. So I won't have to buy new ones. I know this will take time and I'll be patient this time.

    Guess what!! The Y. has an inside track and I've started to walk a few laps each day.
    I'm not going to rush myself or be disappointed when I start hurting. I'll just try again another day.

    Keep on painting. Good luck on getting your surgery scheduled soon. Linda
    1635 days ago
    It sure is! Thanks for commenting hon! emoticon
    1635 days ago
    I'm glad you are so positive as this is so healthy!

    It's going to be a good day!!
    1635 days ago
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