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Reality Check Needed

Monday, June 24, 2013

Continuing on with the 10-article Mind Over Body series, I noticed I hadnt made an entry since June 2. Avoiding Spark is one of my strategies when I am not doing so well int he food and exercise category so I am determined to get back in the game.

Reading the article for today smacked me in the face. Essentially, stress is bad. Stress inhibits weight loss and causes all sorts of additional health problems. Losing weight is stressful by nature and we tend to make it worse on ourselves. OMG, This is the sucker punch for me. I am sitting in my office at work going YES! IT TOTALLY IS!

So how do we fix/reduce it?

With a 5-point reality check. Read on ladies and prepare to be dazzled.

"Write down whether you agree (True) or disagree (False) with each of the following five statements. At the end, you'll find out if you're guilty of the most common (but unrealistic) expectations associated with weight loss stress.

1.True or False: Weight loss is all about the numbers. You lose weight when you eat fewer calories than you burn.

2.True or False: Will power is the foundation of weight loss success. You have to force yourself to do the things you donít like doing until you do like them or until you lose weight, whichever happens first.

3.True or False: The best motivation for losing weight is being unhappy about your present weight and appearance.

4.True or False: Being brutally honest with yourself about your problems, bad habits, and character flaws is the best way to overcome these problems.

5.True or False: Your own body is your worst weight-loss enemy. To lose weight, you have to constantly fight cravings, urges, and desires that are biologically based."

Okay, so for me..
1 True
2 True
3 False
4 True
5 False

The results? They are all false with just a grain of truth. The article goes on to explain why. I'll just highlight some of the things that hit home for me.

1. The numbers game is partially true but since we are all unique creatures with very different bodies, it's not a one-size-fits-all equation. In fact, if my husband and I went for a run (HAHAHAHAHAHA, sorry) then we would probably burn different amounts of calories despite running (HAHAHAHAHA) the same difference. Can you tell I am not a runner. Any way, many things affect our metabolism and so each of us burns differently. Think of the math as a basic stepping off point.

2. Willpower does not exist. I KNOW THIS! How did I answer true when I advocate to my recovering adicts every week that its not about "willing" yourself clean (or healthy). There are way more realistic and healthy ways to focus on our priorities at any given time. Apparently step 9 has more details on this and I am ready to run ahead to find out because I want to know NOW!

3. I knew this one. Being skinny and sexy may be what gets us started on this journey but it wont sustain us. You need more motivation to turn to when things get hard. It's super easy to accept yourself as is when you are facing down a Dairy Queen Frozen Hot chocolate. Much harder to let down your kids or spouse when your motivation is to be here for them.

4. I am my own worst critic. This may be what prevents me from learning and moving on. I spend too much time complaining about myself and my failings and not enough time focusing on how to do better.

5. Fighting yourself does not help. In fact, there is a qoute I read somewhere that seems to fit here. When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the fire department generally uses water....

So what have I gathered from this article? I am a saboteur of myself. I am mean, criticial, and I compare myself to others which leads me to throw in the towell when I do not reach the sometimes (unrealistic) expectations for myself. No wonder weight loss stresses me out so bad.

Now how to fix this?

Remember why I am doing this
Stop comparing myself to others, it is my journey and as such filled with my experiences both good and bad.
Learn from my mistakes instead of dwelling on them.

Easier said then done I imagine.

How stressed is your weight loss making you and how do you deal with it?


Member Comments About This Blog Post:
23KAIYA 6/26/2013 6:32PM

This is such a great post, even the wildlife is cheering! Way to go.

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BE-THE-CHANGE 6/24/2013 8:44PM

    I find it almost impossible sometimes not to dwell on my mistakes.

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    I have entirely too much stress in my life but I am doing what I can to deal with it one day at a time. One of the things that I am doing to help relieve some of my stress over weight loss is to remind myself that it is going to take some time & that I didn't gain my weight in a day. I am not going to lose it in a day. Letting go of my need for instant gratification is one of the harder things that I have had to do. Thanks for this article. It helps me & I am sure that it is going to help others.

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BARBARAROSE54 6/24/2013 11:06AM


stress is not a good thing, am dealing with it now, trying hard not to turn to food.

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