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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I am crabby today.

Just trust me, I'm crabby. I want to smack everyone I meet, but mostly my husband.

It's not even his fault.

Things that have bothered me today:

- My downstairs neighbor slamming her front door
- Bingley only pooping when I walk him, but not when my hubs does
- Hubs lost a $3 off coupon for the grocery store
- Stupid lady who almost hit me with her cart at Shoprite
- Getting in a lane with a short line and then the lady in front of me writes out a check, which takes forever, while a toddler in the aisle behind me is SCREAMING
- Person who had flashers on for miles but a tail light was out so it looked like he was turning right the whole time
- People who don't put their dogs on leashes when there is a leash law in this state (and then they let them sh*t everywhere)
- The sad people who have a "partying problem" due to all the trash from Sutter Home mini bottle 4 packs of white wine they left strewn in the street at the end of my building (seriously? At least drink something trashier than white wine if you're going to litter)
- ANYONE who uses you're when they mean your, and vice versa
- ANYONE who consistently confuses to, two and too, or lose and loose
- People who write "blogs" that consist entirely of a single sentence (hello, this is not Twitter)
- People who write blogs that are one giant run on sentence
-Motorcyclists who "pass" by riding the dotted white line between two cars exceeding 70 mph

Things that I love:

- The NJ Turnpike, because it's the only road where you can drive 20 miles above the speed limit past a cop and not get pulled over...because everyone else is going faster than you
- My bestie, we had a great time yesterday learning how to shoot compound and recurve bows
- the fact that I had a 3 day weekend!

(End on a positive note, I always say)


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