Better than Dunkin sandwich at home

Sunday, June 23, 2013

This morning for breakfast I took everything I planned to eat and made a sandwich with it! My recipe is a healthy variation of fast food sandwiches with a pancake, egg and cheese.

DESCRIPTION: Cornbread, scrambled egg & cheese sandwich w/ honey dip


Homemade Cornbread, sliced in half +
Scrambled egg whites or whole eggs +
Sprinkle cheddar cheese (1/2 tsp - just a sprinkle!) to melt onto eggs +
Farmstand clover honey dollop (mix with melted butter to make a dip if desired).

Goodness, the honey tasted soooo good! I use agave syrup three seasons of the year, fall through spring. Over the summer I always pick up a bottle of honey from the local apiary. I could taste the nectar in it today! DD got a kick out of watching bees in a honeycomb at the farmers market. Buzzzzzzzzz.
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