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the latest on georgie (tumor or stroke?)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

what a cat.

after a looooonnnggggg winter, we jumped 30 degrees centigrade, went from 7 to 37 in a short time. then it broke, we had a day of tropical rain. and georgie was out in it all, refused to come in. I think that's what got to him, because in the heat and rain he hardly ate anything. and the following day he just stayed in my bed until about 9 pm, when he decided to go out again.

now he's signaling to me 'hey where's the food' and 'lem-meow-tahere' again. but he's also kind of sneezing and pawing at his nose like something is crawling around there. I read someplace that cats with brain tumors tend to get pneumonia, so my worries are not over.

he still jumps up onto the kitchen counter and tables, but he hasn't climbed up his tree to sleep on top of the closet or fridge in about two weeks. he teeters but compensates, his head shows only a slight tilt (it had been much worse), and he barely licks at his food, but every once in a while he takes me for walks down to the end of the road (maybe 50 yards; we used to walk a mile) and seems to be enjoying life in general. still... sometimes he acts like he doesn't know where he is or he gets frightened about something, not his character.

I keep hoping this is not a brain tumor, just a stroke he could recover from. sometimes he shows improvement, sometimes it's a downward slide. all I can do is make sure both of us enjoy every moment we still have together.

and thanks to all of you who have expressed their concern about a crazy old lady and her cat of 15 years. (that's him on my wallpaper, doing the 'georgie-number'.)
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