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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I've been with SPARKS now for I think 2.5 yrs????? I think?????

When I first joined I REFUSED, FLATLY REFUSED to 1) DRINK ANY WATAH !! 2) Let a Freggie come (Fruits/veggies) NEAR MY LIP !!! 3) I was OVER Exercising and HURTING my body WAY morah ! 4) eating JUNK FOOD For suppah and saying "Its FINE !! I have the CALORIE ALLOWANCE !"

So some of the changes today? 1) I DO Drink watah now (LOL What a HARDSHIP THAT WAS and is still "Fairly new" as of 4 months ago,, THANKS 5% challenge for the "Living The Good Life" Challenge which has been INSISTING EACH CHALLENGE I DO SO !!!! I GRUMBLED AND GRANGLED about this, but at the SAME TIME, during THAT WEEK, I'd DO AS I COuLD,,,,, I've belonged to the 5% challenge now for 2 of those yrs. :) That's A LOT OF CHALLENGES !! Hmmm thinking 8 challenges?

2) I STILL am NOT GREAT about freggies, but a CHANGE IS HAPPENING ! WOOHOOO !!! On the way home from the groc store,,,, I am ALSO On the "Biggest Losers Challenge" (The emoticon TEAM !! WE CAN DO THIS ! WOOHOOO) and I found myself saying "{Hmmm this week we are to try a NEW Recipe". "WHAT SHALL I DO?" THan I remembahed seeing on the "Today Show" some guy cooking up STEAK, with stuffing,,, and VEGGIES in it,,, rolled UPPED together ! I thought "WOW !! That DID LOOK GOOD ! and I DO have ALL the ingredients !" So TOMORROW I AM SOOOO EXCITED to TRY THIS !! I'll grate the carrots into the stuffing,,,and the mushrooms also,,, as he did, but I'll fry the (lightly of course !) onions, peppers, yellow, red, green and the summah squash together,,, and than roll them with the stuffin into the steak. YUMMY !! THis WILL be MY Recipe !!! It said,,,, It,,,I am DOING IT !! I am GROWING with these TEAMS !! OH WOW !!

3) I NO LONGAH Eat choc cake,,, or ANY OTHAH pasteries for suppah ,,,,, YEAH !!!!! Its NOT aways TOP "healthy" but, hey I am a WORK IN PROGRESS !!! Some day if I do,,, I'll prob DIE OF SHOCK ! LOL LOL LOL LOL

4) I NO LONGAH push my body against ALL ODDS to do the exercise "Even if It KILLS ME " a one to 2 hrs a day or MORAH as I had been doing,, which was including aerobics and zumba,, when I at the same time,,, was using trekking sticks to walk,,, and a wheelchair to get around,,, cos of severely bad feet, and back. Yet, I was ABUSING my body by DEMANDING things it COULD NO LONGAH Do. I am still have a ways to go on that,,,I STILL OVER DO IT MANY DAYS, but it's sooo much bettah than it was. I had been a gymnast eons ago,,, we STRONGLY BELIEVED "Pain iss GOOD For you,,,,it's changing you into being STRONGER" !! Well NOT any morah (It prob wasn't then either to be HONEST !),,, I am now in my 50s with MANY chronic illness's ,,,, from cah accident and birth defects, and just CRUMMY genes,,, so that my Daddy is upset (NO NEED to be Daddy,, ,, life happens,,, and I AM HERE !!! Let's CELEBRATE THE GREAT ,, ME !! HAHAHAHA )

THANKS !!! I SEE my CHANGES since being on SPARKS,, haven't YOU?
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