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Scared about Spark Solution , again....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I decided to try the Spark Solution summer challenge. I tried the program before, but didn't make it the whole two weeks. I'm hoping that I can do better this time, knowing what I am getting into. I do have some specific fears and anxieties about it and thought if I wrote them down, I could problem solve.

1) money. We are broke and out of groceries till tuesday which is payday. I am living out of the pantry till then, so I cant really go grocery shopping till tuesday night or wednesday morning. I can make the breakfasts, the lunches, and monday nights dinner from what I have in the pantry. Tuesday night I will have to be creative. We have fish, so I think I will substitute a fish dish. then I cant spend a fortune on groceries. I'm planning a costco supersize trip, so should be able to stock up for two weeks, without the fresh stuff, which I can get in short inexpensive trips to the store.

2) time. Next week, I have time in the evening to cook and prep but the week after, week two, I will have a fitness class in the evening and need to get dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less. I might be able to take the week off from work, which would be ideal.

3) work outs. this is what killed me last time. I need to just do it. I have a plan. Treadmill intervals in the morning, water aerobics or lap swim the second week, bike to work. The last two depend on the weather and don't happen in the rain. I have a work out buddy. I'm thinking that it might work better if my work out buddy picks me up, that way I can't leave her sitting at the gym. strength training is another issue. I'm not very good at it. again, I have a work out partner, who while do it if I suggest it. Again, I need to do it. And not half way, but full throttle energy.

4) family sabotage. last time, they eat my snacks and brought junk food into the house. I'm going to have a nice little talk with each of them individually and ask them to one- stay away from my snacks, or at least leave me enough to eat, eat what I make for dinner or at least try it, and let my time be my time, not driving you around everywhere.

5) accurate counting. I struggle with tracking, and measuring food. I am committed to weighing and measuring before I track, or tracking and learning the right amount.

I really need to get going with the day, I need to do laundry, clean the kitchen, go for the week next week and mow the lawn.
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  • VICD25
    good luck to you! You have some great strategies.

    Remember, you can swap foods when you don't like or have something. Just make it similar in nutrition.

    1579 days ago
    I'm on the fence regarding the challenge. I'm set to do it and I've started reading the book but I don't have the extra money right now to go out and buy a bunch. I will read more later today regarding the food portion and I may just have to do it in a few weeks. We'll see. People have some good suggestions here so I guess I have a little bit more before I'm all in or all out.
    1580 days ago
  • SNOOPY6180
    I think they've made it clear you don't have to eat every meal exactly as they have it. (Heck I make one or with the yummy baked mac and cheese a double recipe and have leftovers for DAYS).

    The important thing is to have the awareness with the steps. I'm going to work on it too. It's great you've got the workout buddy. The important thing with the book is that it's working for you and your motivations, not that you're working for it. At least, that's what I'm getting out of some of the posts by the authors over at the sparkteam site for the book.

    Good luck. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1580 days ago
  • LOLLIE62
    I'm still reading the motivation part of the book to get going, so I'm not exactly on the diet yet. I can relate to your concerns, particularly about family eating up the food I buy for myself.

    I do like Writergirlmel's suggestions, especially about using the crockpot. She would be a good friend because she motivates instead of commiserates! I like that.
    1581 days ago
    Good luck - you'll get your family onboard. I ended up having to put my hubby on the same diet as me and that helped keep the junk food out of the house. Work out buddies are great at keeping you going - then before you know it, you will exercise because you enjoy it!
    1581 days ago
    Best wishes in your success on Spark Solution.

    What I have found helpful in our house in the past few years is to label things that are or should be exclusively yours. (We use blue tape or sharpies.) When we were doing an elimination diet, I labeled a shelf in the pantry "gluten free". My DD knew that shelf was a safe zone for her & everyone else knew they needed to ask before they took things from there. I have to buy special snacks for my DD b/c of food allergies that no one else in the family has.

    A dieter living in a house full of non dieters has huge challenges. Similar to having an allergy. Others need to respect the dietary limitations & keep their hands off.

    I have the problem of my youngest always wanting to offer something she's eating to me. Most of the time, it doesn't even interest me. Thankfully, my husband has mostly limited his junk food consumption to work & the car.

    1581 days ago
    Hi! You don't know me. I just saw your blog on the SparkCoach team feed. I haven't actually done the Spark Solution, but I *do* know a thing or two about some of the fears you have. If you have one, try utilizing the crock-pot on those 20-minutes-to-cook nights. Or maybe a quick stir-fry or something? It's definitely feasible if you can carve out a few minutes to prep for it earlier in the week. I also used to have a huge problem with family members (well, my husband) snacking on the food or portions I'd set aside for myself. It drove me crazy because it wasn't like I didn't buy food for him too! Definitely talk to the family, and consider setting aside your stuff in a completely different cabinet or something. Sometimes, I know my husband would end up grabbing my stuff without even realizing it just because it was there. And the workouts... it might help if you can tell your workout buddy ahead of time what you'd like to accomplish and ask her to keep you accountable, i.e. "I need to do my strength training, but I'm about letting myself off the hook, so if I don't mention it, please bring it up and encourage me to do it." Good luck!
    1581 days ago
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