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I Ran for a Full Mile!

Friday, June 21, 2013

On Tuesday, I ran for a mile! Without slowing to a walk. It is a wonderful milestone for a 55 year old gal who once said she would never, never-ever, run.

Then, just to prove it wasn't a fluke, I ran for a mile, without slowing to a walk, again this morning. :D

Why did I decide to run after a lifetime of avoiding running? In the process of becoming fit, I took up the challenge to walk further and hike more often. My weekday mornings limit me to about 30-45 minutes of exercise, including cardio & strength. After 8 or 9 months, it seemed that I really needed to ramp up the cardio with some intervals.

So I took a class. Isn't that the thing to do when you want to learn a new skill? And running IS A SKILL. It is not something everyone can do intuitively. Well, of course, I could run. But could I run distance without injury? I'd heard from so many people about knee and leg injuries. It simply seemed prudent to learn from a pro. So I did. I signed up for Chi-Running. A small group class of 5 people, two sessions of three hours each. The class was awesome and I learned about everything from selecting an appropriate shoe to appropriate warm-up, posture, and post-run stretches.

And then I began. Walk 5 minutes, run 30-60 seconds. Worked up to walk 3 run 2, and kept moving forward. On Tuesday, I went out for my morning run-walk. I walked two blocks, then began a slow run. The intent was to run one-half mile and just evaluate how I felt. So that's what I did. As I was nearing the half-mile mark, I felt pretty good and decided to keep running for as long as possible. And a mile did seem possible.

My GPS run-tracker has a little voice that comes on at the end of a mile and tells you that you've hit a mile and at what speed. The voice came on and said I'd gone a mile in 12:53. However, I knew that I'd walked the first two blocks and I wanted to be certain I made a full mile. I ran for three more blocks, then walked the final few blocks to the house. Leashed up the greyhounds and walked several more blocks.

This morning, it felt right again. My mind argued with me about 8 blocks in. "You don't need to prove anything. You don't need to run. Just get up to that corner, then walk." The corner arrived and I literally and figuratively turned a corner. Out loud, I said, "I can so run a mile again and it will be easier this second time through." Amazingly, my mind shut up and didn't keep trying to dissuade me.

However, the run-tracker's voice didn't come on to tell me I'd hit a mile. I was certain that I'd passed a mile sometime back, so I pulled it out and realized that I had muted it! I actually ran 1.1 miles this morning.

Now, I am a runner. Next goal, run for the entire distance in a 5k. Don't worry, I'll work up to it. :D
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