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SparkRandom with a Washboard

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Okay, Iím the first to admit that this lil video clip seems random. It has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition. But my SparkJourney is all-encompassing. Itís about living a joyful life and for me, that means learning and trying new things. A lot of these are things I probably wouldnít have done 40something pounds ago, so to me, itís all relevant. Occasionally, I share one of these random things, just for fun. I had practice the other night with the band at church and weíre playing a cover of ďHo HeyĒ by the Lumineers. I decided itíd be really fun to add my washboard to the mix. This is the first time Iíve ever attempted playing it. I start going turbo speed at the end, because I was trying not to fall off the stool while playing washboard, kick drum and tambourine at the same time. Old Dog. New Trick. But I have until Sunday to figure it out, so itís all good. LOL PS: Thatís Randy (my hubs) playing upright bass.

Phase One of Washboard: Furry, pink guitar strap and bottlecap gloves. Will be adding more stuff later.

In other news: Audrey had a big surprise Sunday. She hadnít weighed herself in a couple of months and she found out she lost 16 POUNDS!!!! WOOHOO!!! Several people mentioned how great she looked in our last vlog. Of course she does! Sheís brilliant, funny, creative and gorgeous. We already knew that. But sheís been eating healthy Spark Solution stuff, exercising every day and growing into a statuesque (5í9Ē), beautiful young woman. She feels great about herself and Iím super proud of her!

Weíre practicing for a ukulele duet. :)

My son, Logan, says he wants to start eating healthier and exercising more too. He said he wants to look like a Viking. Hey, we all have different motivators. We shall see. So far, heís turned down every healthy dish Iíve offered. Maybe I should just throw a turkey leg at him. But he just graduated from high school and is working his first job, so I'm super proud of him too!

This is what he looks like as a Viking. ha ha

So, thatís pretty much the news for this week. Still Sparking along. Iím able to walk more now and I started sneaking in a little bit of hooping, so Iím slowly picking up speed. Thatís good, because I do NOT want to look like a Viking.

This is what I look like as Viking.

Iíll leave you with a recent, random, creative journal entry. The prompt was to make something inspired by a fictional character. heh heh

Who lives in a cabinet under the sink? Spongebob's Angry Half Brother Who Didn't Get the Contract with Nickleodean, that's who.

Spark On, Brave and Random Sparkers!
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