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Crossing Over to the Other Side (Part 2)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Part 2

The day before the movers were to show-up the Mr and his childhood friend from Jamaica headed off on a road trip to South Lake Tahoe. Through a college program in Jamaica she is able to be placed in various places during the summer to work here in the U.S. This trip brought her to our neck of the woods. Yup, worst timing EVER but I was secretly happy she arrived as the Mr was beaming with joy. This was the first visit from anyone back home.

With the two of them out of the apartment I got busy with the final packing. Of course, at this point I threatened to put it all in the backyard, toss a match and let it burn. O_o

A friend of mine came by and unmounted our television from the wall and then mounted it at the new place. Even though I offered to pay him his hourly rate he refused and said to call the next day if something came up. What a sweetheart ... he saved me $300 by doing this. Yup, Best Buy was going to charge me that much to do the same thing. I'm still trying to figure out a thank-you gift!

The cable guy installed cable/phone/internet that afternoon. It took HOURS. Although he was a nice enough guy I just wanted to be quick and easy ... it wasn't but he got it done so I was thankful.

That night, I took all four of the furry ones to the new place. Their anxiety levels were off the charts and my insides were twisted with concern. I stayed with them for hours at the new place but not much I did reassured them that all would be okay. The babies were fine, they took it as one big adventure so played and played in all the open space. Our two older boys were temporarily traumatized. The vet said they'd be fine as long as some of our stuff was in the new place and we spent a bit of time with them prior to leaving them overnight. Ya, I'm not sure her meaning of "fine" is the same as mine. In the end, they made it.

The day of the move I was up EARLY. Early enough to go out to pick up a cup of coffee and come home and have a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs. I was determined to eat healthy through this process and I would need all that protein too.

Throughout the years with the office and my bosses personal moves we've always used Delancey Street Movers. Knowing they are the best, I too hired them for this move. Delancey Street is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals help themselves find a better path in life. Here's a link if you are interested in learning more about the foundation. I can't say enough good things about them and the crews I've had the pleasure of working with over the years.


True to form, my crew showed up an hour early. HA! I was completely ready to go. They were thrilled that I had reserved parking for them on the street too. Many people don't know that can be done and is more cost effective than paying for tickets. We finished the preliminary paperwork and walk through in record time after which they got busy. Here's where it gets awkward for me - standing around as they do all the work - it just not in my nature. Loading up was the easiest part - I lived on the ground floor so they didn't have stairs to deal with and everything but the two floor lamps were boxed. Plus I used manageable sized boxes that didn't weigh 1,000 lbs each.

After they finished loading it was time to head to the new place. I found my furry ones doing well. The older boys were still stressed but nothing had been torn up or "marked." I was able to love on them prior to the movers showing up which made us all feel good. Luckily there is a small room off the kitchen that I kept them in during the move.

After the walk through they started loading in the boxes and furniture. It was all going smoothly UNTIL it was time for the couch. My initial concern about the banister was soon forgotten as the couch fit up the stairs just fine but getting it in the door was another story. Here enters my second panic attack. Our couch has a sofa bed it so it's heavy which didn't seem to phase the guys but it wore them down when they had to twist, turn, flip and take it up and down the stairs multiple times. I had no backup plan if it didn't fit so I paced and nearly got sick - my stomach was in my throat. The couch is relatively new - less than a year old so we wanted to keep it but not have to store it.

After many failed attempts, they got to work on taking the feet off - that was a job too. At this point their boss at home base called my cell phone to check on progress (crews are not allowed to carry cell phones on the job). We chatted and then I gave the foreman the phone to which he said, "at the moment I'm getting my butt kicked by a couch." Then there was silence, a few huh's and then he hung up. He looked at me and repeated the message from the boss - "breath and it will come to you." At that moment I could have cried ... such a simple message - a message for life - and this man standing in front of me said, "don't worry I won't leave here until your couch is in your new apartment. I promise you that." An hour after the battle started they put my couch down in the living room. When I mentioned that anyone else would have simply given up their heads all snapped and the foreman responded with, "we've given up too much in life, we don't take the simple or easy way out anymore - that's not who we are." SERIOUSLY!?! I just wanted to put him in my back pocket and keep him.

The move took longer than anticipated and it cost A LOT more than I thought it would but I was prepared and it was worth every penny! Before they left one of the crewmen asked about the cats and commented that they didn't get to see them. Another one asked about their names and instantly knew the Irie was a Jamaican name. It was one of the sweetest things ever!! In the end, they both came up stairs so they could get a peak at them.

After they left I laid down on the floor and just took a minute to actually breath and to take in what had just happened. It was over and I was officially on the other side. It didn't even matter if I was surrounded by boxes and that I wasn't real sure where the bed linens were ... I had made it.

Now that I had made it to the other side there much to do. What comes next? The cleaning of the old and the unpacking of the new. Where was I on my wellness journey? Had I lost? Gained? Maintained? Stay tuned ... Part 3 has answers and so much more.

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TSEWARD 7/1/2013 8:29PM

    Wow! I really appreciated your anxiety over the deposit, etc, in part one..exactly the kinds of things I would worry about! And your big decision and the leap of faith that you took to make the move happen. Amazing! I am so proud of you. Big life decisions are sooooooo hard to make. Your furries will be great in no time, I am sure of it! It sounds like you give them lots of love and attention, and how wonderful of you to think of their needs as well. Great work sticking with a healthy eating plan! I am looking forward to part three! emoticon
ps thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog! emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/1/2013 8:30:30 PM

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ENDUROVET 6/29/2013 10:37PM

    I have no intentions of moving until I'm too old & frail to saddle my own horse ;-)

My hat's off to ya darling - I HATE MOVING!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TRENTDREAMER 6/22/2013 10:49AM

    "When I mentioned that anyone else would have simply given up their heads all snapped and the foreman responded with, "we've given up too much in life, we don't take the simple or easy way out anymore - that's not who we are."

k forward to part 3.

Really happy that the move got completed ok.

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