Quick update on weigh in!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I have tons to write about but no time at the moment. I did want to update on one thing.

I was on vacation last week and I weighed in that Monday (6/10) morning before we left. When I stepped on the scale, I expected a loss, but not nearly as much as what I saw. I was hoping to see a number that started with a 2 but I didn't expect it. It took me a moment to sink in when I saw it... 296! I had lost 8 lbs from the previous week, smoking my first goal of getting under 300!!! As I stood on that scale I just wanted to cry. I didn't believe it. So I stepped off and stepped back on. 296 exactly. I stood there for a moment and let it really hit me. I actually reached my first big goal! I had lost 34 lbs, getting under 300 lbs. I no longer weigh 3-hundred something lbs. And although I realize I still have a ton of more work to do, I honestly felt like it is possible and I will be successful. I posted this info on my face book (just stating I reached
my first big goal, I am not putting my weight on there) and I got so much positive feedback. It was suggested by my brother Tony that I hide the scale for a month, so I won't be weighing in again until 7/10... I can't wait and I am scared out of my mind all at the same time!
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