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Think of Me as Quick and Witty - Please!

Friday, June 21, 2013

As you read this confession today, I want you to remember my blog from yesterday in which I highlighted myself being quick and witty. Ummmm. In case you didn't know it, I'm not always that way -- case in point: yesterday's training run. Since I was going to run in my neighborhood I thought it was a perfect time to try out my new running shoes. I could easily swing by home to change shoes if they weren't working out for me. You may have caught my earlier blog in which I told about my black toe nail and got the advice that I needed a bigger toe box and a professional fitting, both of which I got.

So, I got out to run before 7am, just a little blurry-eyed. The air was heavy and humid, but not too hot, and I found a shaded street. As I ran I thought to myself that these shoes feel really different from any of my other pairs. They definitely were roomier - good. My sore toe didn't rub at all. But, they didn't offer as much support especially for the arch. I was questioning whether the orthotic I switched to, no longer needing a "metatarsal lift" per the running store, was the right one for me. As my run approached three miles I swear I could feel gravel, mulch, and any asphalt bump on the road. Don't I need more padding in these shoes?? I'm just going to have to take them back, I thought.

So I got home, took off the new shoes, and started to put them back in the shoe box. And then I saw them. The orthotics I was suppose to be wearing were in the box AND the original inserts for the shoes were there, too. I had been running on the bare bottom of the shoes. Duh. Quick and witty? Who, me??
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