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Hardcore feelings...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I got a message today from my male friend. We had been speaking on and off for over a year and half now... Let me back track a bit and explain what happened last night and this morning…

It all started yesterday night:
((We call and speak to one another or message constantly. I just had hung up the phone on him, cause I had to find out what was going on with my cellphone. I call the provider and try to figure out why my cellphone is acting up.))

Him: Why did you say, ‘I love you’ twice now... Both times while hanging up with me and I said it once

Me: I never!

Him: lol. ok babe. you REALLY like me

Me: I........ er...... yes, I like you. I admit I'm falling hardcore for you...

Him: I’m falling for you also

Me: Too bad I can't talk to ya...

Him: its ok babe. so you are my girlfriend right?

Me: I feel like I am.

Him: yes, you are then

Me: But that's your decision...

Him: and I’m your boyfriend. so deal?

Me: ok..... Truths.

Him: so you have to tell your mom

Me: and the rest of my family...

Him: I don’t care about them, just you’re mom

Me: Which means eventually, you’re gonna have to meet everyone....

Him: fine

Me: Maybe. I can't believe you called me out on the "L"-word....

Him: Don’t you remember I said it once and you replied. The both times you said it, I replied.

Me: ((Kissy Face)) Maybe. I have selective amnesia... lol. brb... gotta go get some water and let the pups out...

Him: ok hun.

you make me....
feel normal
you’re not...
completely strange
very smart,
you have a beautiful heart

so what is this?
a start
to something wonderful
that has a powerful pull
of two souls

I say no more
just never leave me alone
Sore and empty like a black hole

Me: and I never will. It takes a lot of bs to get me really angry to the point that I want to walk away... Just don't hurt me and in turn I won't hurt you...

Him: ok.... ((Sad face)) I won’t.

Me: The lyrics are beautiful by the way... ((Kissy Face)), ((Winks)), ((Hearts))

Him: thank you, just an abstract poem for you. You inspired me to write them, when you said yes, you’ll be my girl. ((Kissy Face))

Me: I really like them. ((Happy face)) Thank you.

Today’s message on my computer screen at work:

Him: Good morning sunshine,
you're my only light
lying with me by my side,
you keep me warm all day
Just stay with me

Good morning sunshine,
be with me all day
Just don't let the rain pass you by
When it's cloudy and windy
and the snowflakes arrive,
you somehow just make me,
make me feel I'm alive

He even slipped up on the phone today about 4:20pm.

We are arguing over me stopping to get a piece of junk food, before dinner tonight.

I told him, "You're not my brother, my father or my husband, you cannot tell me what to do."

He responds back, "When I become your husband, you will eat healthier food. We are not gonna have junk food coming into this house."

I literally had to stop the conversation in its tracks and ask him to repeat himself.
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