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How to PERMANENTLY Remove the Mask of Jealousy

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oooo, thatís an ugly one. Iíll level with ya, heart issues are so hard for us. We just donít like to think we are wrong, but the truth of the matter is God has built a conscience right into the middle of each and every one of us. This is so true that no matter how much we squirm; we always KNOW the difference between right and wrong. In fact, God says it is written on our hearts! I know thatís tough news, but if I want to openly proclaim that I am a Christian, as one Atheist so beautifully expressed it, I would HATE you if I told you anything less than what God has revealed in his Word. Of course, of course, dearest friends, it is ultimately our decision as to whether we take or leave what is said today.

Jealousy is also mentioned as ďcovetĒ in the Ten Commandments. This is a luxury, dearest hearts that we cannot afford. Why you may ask, or snarl (this was sooooo tough for me, lol), because jealousy and envy, much like unforgiveness and bitterness, will destroy our lives! Proverbs 14:30 A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; jealousy is like cancer in the bones. HmmÖlike cancerÖI wonder if there is any scientific correlation between cancer and jealousy. I truly do because if the Bible says it, in my mind, that settles it. (no God did not use the word cancer originally, he said a ďrot in the bonesĒ , same deal in my mind) I donít want jealousy hanging out with me because just like any other negative emotion it seeks to overturn me, destroy me, or justify me in an unnatural, unhealthy way. Ainít nobody got time for that?!

It puts ďmeĒ on the throne instead of Jesus, and as much as I appreciate recognition as much as the next guy, I have learned that I want NOTHING to do with it apart from Jesus. Matter of fact, anything Iíve tried to pull off apart from Jesus has ended in shambles. Nah, Iím quite over building sand castles on shifting sand, I would much rather build on the Rock KNOWING that what I build will last. Seriously, wouldnít you?

I used to be so extremely jealous of people. I would pray and pray and pray Lord, PLEASE make me so and so. I hated myself so bad; I actually wanted to BE somebody else. Then God healed me up there, GLORY, but I still wanted what others had. I still longed for their things, their friends, and their life, whatever. Iíd even justify myself by saying, well, Lord, I donít want to be so and so, I mean she has a lot of problems, but I sure would LOVE what she has! I mean come on, Lord, Iíd lament, she isnít that great, why do you let her have so much?! Oooo, how Iíd carry on, and oooo how I know I hurt the Lordís feelings. You see, he is not short on anything. Period. He could give you what you want in an instant, but he wouldnít DARE if he knows it will destroy you.

Well, what kind of God is that?! I mean come on, I deserve this or that, what did I ever do to anybody to deserve this kind of life, and on and on we go. Oh, sweet Jesus, if God does not need aspirin every day for the constant whining and complaining we do, well, like I often say thank God, Iím not God. I just couldnít do it! I know how many complaints I bring, and on account of it, I am now convinced He is the epitome of mercy. I donít want to move an inch here because I donít know one human being that could withstand a thimble full of what we put God through on a day to day basis! I know, I know, meat again! I keep trying to stay fluffy, but sometimes I just donít think God is in the mood.

I donít blame him! He is so incredibly patient, yet we toy and toy and toy with him like heís some kind of cosmic genie. Humph. Itís really sad too because God sees us as we are. He views us perfectly. He knows everything about us, and he loves us and accepts us, but how many of us take a moment to find out who he really is? We are a lazy people. We are content with second hand everything. We actually live on make believe everything, yet, we find it impossible to entertain the idea that God has some thoughts about this thing called life! I assure you friends, he does!

Alright, alright so how exactly do we cure jealousy? I know the answer, but itís a tough one. Well, for me it was anyway. As a matter of fact, like Iíve mentioned before, Iíve been walking with the Lord for 13 years, and he just started unpacking this to me (probably because I would have fallen away from God had he shown me any sooner, lol!) very recently, like within the last year hardcore. You still want to know what it is? Ok, lol, itís contentment. OUCH right?! How many of us can honestly say we are perfectly content? I mean we donít need one more ANYTHING to make us happy? Not one Atta boy, not one diet soda, not one dvd, not one night outÖyou get the idea. If God suddenly cut out the flow would you still trust him? Would you still lean on this one who calls you to suffer for a greater cause? Donít answer that, please just think about it.

For a long time I warred with God on this one. There was no way I was ever going to be content! I had actually determined it. Yeno, we can make ďself-vowsĒ? We do this with ourselves all the time, but thank God he will bring them back to our remembrance, and when he does praise God, we can finally BREAK FREE from them. Our words have incredible power. Our motives are noticed and weighed by God himself. There are things I do, that I do not even know why I do. Sometimes itís a habit; sometimes itís me not thinking much about it, sometimes itís a decision based on one of these vows I made years ago. I think it is vitally important to allow the Lord to have free access in our hearts. This means total, unrestricted abandonment to God as best you know how. Without this willingness to be completely sold out, your life will be at best mediocre.

Sure, sure, I mean the ďappearanceĒ can look spick. I mean some of us are very, very good at keeping all of our ďhairsĒ in place, but it doesnít mean that God isnít peering in from the inside out. He clearly sees our ďhiddenĒ strays. Like I said, masks, long held, or maybe just long ignored are POPPING off at lightning speed. The sad part is, ready or not, God is still busy removing them. I think it would be terribly embarrassing if you or I are the very last one to know, and in the spirit, it looks sort of silly, as I see some who just keep taping masks back on?! Maybe instead, itís just time we get serious with God, and we REALLY get some deep, hidden stuff taken care of. Arenít you tired of carrying all of that junk around? I know I was and in others areas I am!

NOW DONíT GET MAD AT ME! Iím not the one convicting your heart right now, GOD IS. He is the one I follow and believe, and he ALONE is the one who wants your attention! I may love you, but I ainít got nothiní on Jesus! You see, all things lead to him. Heís made it quite evident, in even the smallest details of nature and humanity. We are left without excuseÖ utterly. So yeah, whatever the vice you choose, Jesus sees it, and NEWSFLASH ;) we all have them, so you might as well stop pretending and JOIN THE HUMAN RACE!

The Devil would LOVE for you to stay alone, isolated in your hurt and pain until the day Jesus comes home to get us, or we go home to be with him. A heart never lies. A heart will always show itís true intentions eventually. Itís human nature, and the Bible says the heart is deceitfully wicked ABOVE ALL THINGS. I have been studying the Word of God for a long time now, it has never steered me wrong, and it never will. Nor will it you, but the Bible is not going to read itself.

Beloved, I encourage you. Donít make being a Christian just a Sunday thing, that is never the way God intended it! Being close to Daddy God means having a relationship much like you do with your natural parents, if they were good and wholesome, you wouldnít just call them twice a year would you? If you do that, shame on you, lol, you should be better to your parents! Yeno, thatís not even that great of an analogy, lol, because Iíll be honest, I have to go to Jesus constantly! I give out so much, so I know I have to be constantly renewed! What good would it do for me to gain the world and forfeit my OWN soul? Or my familyís soul? Seriously? Youíve got me pegged all kinds of funny if you think for one moment Iíd put a ministry above my family! You OBVIOUSLY donít know me or my INCREDIBLE family!

You see when you do things Godís way, you never need worry about another soulís opinion. Nope, not one because your assurance, your blessed assurance comes from God alone, and like I have mentioned so many times before, Jesus plus nothing equals everything. This is not just lip service, this is my LIFE service. You are either in or out. As a Christian, and TRUST ME, that gap is getting wider and wider and wider and it will continue to do so all the way up until his great and terrible return! I am so excited I can barely stand it, and sure, sure I want as many people to come to the party as possible, however, and this is a BIG however, it DOES NOT AFFECT ďMYĒ PERSONAL SALVATION ONE IOTA.

Iíve got my fire insurance and then some. I am perfectly content in that, and I very rarely get jealous of anything because I have everything I need! WOO HOO! There is so much STINKINí FREEDOM in Christ! Donít you want that for crying out loud, or are you content in jealousy just peering in ďwishingĒ you had it??? I dunno, thatís a question only you can answer, but I encourage you from the very bottom on my heart, get to know Jesus. Get to know him well and then abide or follow him closely. If you do this, you will be wildly successful at anything you put your hands too, PLUS you will get to enjoy every minute of whatever lot God gives you! You know enjoying your stuff is a blessing from God including the ability to enjoy the people heís placed in your life.

Jesus went through hell, literally, to redeem us back to himself. For that I am sold, hook, line and sinker, indebted forever, because as much love as I receive from many around me, I donít know anybody crazy enough to do what Jesus did. Nobody. Maybe you arenít that hard of a sinner, no problem Chief ;), but let me tell you something. I donít, nor will I ever regret one decision Iíve made because apart from JUST ONE I would not be the person I am today, and that would make me quite jealous of the me I never knew! Oh, yes, I went all Dr. Suess on you!

Nope, instead I embrace that olí rugged cross, I happily splinter my face UP in the blood stained wood because I KNOW THAT MY SALVATION came at a HEAVY, COSTLY PRICE one in which I plan never to undermine or forget. Indeed, I would rather die! Jealousy is the easy way out (as far as Iím concered), and unfortunately for those who choose to indulge in it, it too has a big price tag. I encourage you to get silent and search your heart, if this vile sin is present and you want help getting rid of it,TRUST ME, lol, Jesus has the cure! Iím not even going to bother with details because it would probably scare you off, lol, but just know there is a cure, and the end result, the view IS A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I love you guys, YOU KNOW I DO! WOO HOO! Run, dear friends like your very life depended on it, donít you ever look back, unless the Lord himself says itís ok! Letís instead all take a little history lesson with us from our dear gal, Lotís wife ;) As we all know, looking back didnít help her out one. Iota. Oh, but that one may be more of a ďforgiveness of selfĒ lesson than a jealousy one though, huhÖmaybe next time ;)

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