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My personal experiment..what happens with the collective power of compassion?

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

My 'fleshy friends' on a beach outing a few weeks back. I wish it were a picture of all my sparky friends too...we'd all be gathered together on that beautiful white sand beach digging our toes in the cool sand while watching the sunset! Ahhh bliss and the BEST of companionship! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I haven't blogged in a week! Ekkkss...how CAN that be? I usually crank out one per day...but the Popular Blog Post (my last blog) stopped me cold in me tracks! emoticon It was a big surprise and a HUGE honor but somehow I felt like it was a cheater blog..since I reposted the list of items from my sparkling friend KatrinaKat. Like it was unearned recognition. emoticon and...where was Katrina's kudus for originally posting it in the first place? emoticon

I've let myself sink these last few years into this fear of success thing..that blog proves it.

I used to just automatically EXPECT that I'd be successful..heck it just came naturally. I was slim, and stylish, and full of piss and vinegar the co-owner of a large construction business with my hubs. We had plenty of accolades from customers, community recognition and of course the BEST indicator in our "got it wrong' world...a fat bank account.

But when that all fell away after we sold our large business to our then SIL. Two years later after he ran out of the 2 year supply of purchase orders that came with the biz he defaulted on a huge note we had given him! Duh...did he happen to THINK he might need to go out and garner more business than what just fell in his lap with the purchase? It wasn't like he was a babe in the woods, he had worked for us for 9 years of the 20 some we had owned the company. He saw me go out every single day and beat the bushes for customers. And that was during BOOM times! emoticon

When we no longer had that long term business...or the financial security of retirement from the monthly ongoing payments we were expecting for years...from the sale of it...I felt as if I'd lost my identity. Oh of course we still continued to walk the walk...but the gait wasn't as cocky anymore. That's the trouble about big money and big plans...you think the faucet never shuts off.

Then when the housing industry crashed in FL and the hubs no longer could get remodeling jobs...we REALLY felt the crunch! Two years of savings evaporated FAST!

But it was only after we experienced the RADICAL 'take down' of our souls after losing our beloved son, in 2006 that my world REALLY started going sideways.

I lost my path, and my purpose and just tuned out. I lost all interest in my weight, my clothes, my work, really everything.

Eventually the survival gene kicked in and we had to shake ourselves out of the grief mode and get back into the 'life game'....we started our new consignment business and we are doing our best to make ends meet.

My hubs and I are a powerful support system for each other. He is slow and steady and gets the mundane done, I'm the big dreams maker, the idea guru, and the cheerleader to just DO it! emoticon

But that energy producing cycle of 'just doing it'....for making that new business happen didn't leave a lot of energy left over for me.

I'm usually so focused on just keeping my head down and plowing through things... that when something wonderful and unexpected (even though it's the little hokey...most popular blog post award) in my world happens...I'm like "HUH" emoticon it throws me completely off course.

Isn't that just ridiculous? But I bet it happens to so many of us out there in Spark world. We fail to recognize and support the fact that we are all so much more powerful and beautiful than what we ever give credence to!

We are SO distracted by the negativity and the woes of this crazy ole' world that we all seem to be keeping our head down and plowing through our own lives. Just day~to~day~to~day~to~day. What a terrible waste of our selves and our life purpose!

You see we were put on this earth, or at least I believe, to make a difference in someone else's lives that we touch. If we are focused inward all the time, how are we going to be able to notice those around us in the big school of life and the blessings WE can bestow upon them. A blessing given is returned TEN fold...so it's worth your time to move a little out of our ME zone and into the ME=US zone. I call that the MEANING zone. emoticon

Just as the list on that popular blog says...do something new and sweet and different each day solely for the support of someone else. Take off your mask of stoic protection and let your soul roam free to support, to serve, to honor the human experience.

Soooo I'm back to my blogging, certainly NOT to gain another popular blog post...but just because it's my own hokey little way of contributing my heart to my fellow sparkers...we all need a little heart...in our lives now don't we?

I blog through my life experiences simply for the pure joy of being able to share myself and my crazy lessons, bloopers, and wildly entertaining consignment customer stories with anyone else who might enjoy the connection.

I love learning about all the astonishing and truly helpful tidbits my fellow sparksters share from their lives too. I've met some of the MOST amazing women...and men too! Every little piece we share about ourselves even if we think it is so trivial...may be just the 'aha' that another sparker needs to arouse their passion for continuing paths towards a goal they have.

We all have our issues, we all have our good, and sometimes bad points, but all in all we sparkers in particular....have MIGHTY compassion and empathy and support and friendship! Like I've never experienced before in my life...and believe me I've BEEN around for a good long while now! I don't get this support from my fleshy friends that I've know for 20+ years..it just doesn't happen! emoticon

They say that electrical connections are very powerful because each of our souls are actually electrical energy. I think that is exactly why the spark world or Facebook, or Pinterest worlds are so popular. It's basically just energy connecting with energy right through your computer from the comfort of your home. What better ways of conversation are there?

We aren't distracted by anything material, not the color of your dazzling blue eyes, or your beautiful hair, or that cute little dimple in your cheek...just your words, your efforts, your passion, your creativity...your TRY!

So today and for whatever time we have left to fight forward I'm trying my own personal little spark experiment.

I'm asking for the collective power of compassion from all my dazzling spark friends. It won't be hard at all...and it may move mountains much to our surprise!

I'm asking my sparky friends to ban together with their 'mind power' and send some powerful protective thoughts towards the saving of our home.

The cards are definitely stacked against us...as they always have been in this exhausting 3 year fight. You fight on when you KNOW you did the right thing and the bank did the BANK thing don't you? I won't bore you with the long history as I've blogged about it before.

Our lawyer has a conference meeting before a really stinky biased judge at 11 a.m. today.

Florida has just recently passed a bill that will speed up the foreclosure process so they can effectively throw homeowners out on the streets quicker and step over the nasty business of fraud and criminal evasions the banks have managed to dodge over and over again.

Big money rules the world...or so it seems. Me, myself, and I....I'm betting compassionate mind power and the love of friends and family has plenty of value too! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Thank you for your prayers! This is the biggest fight of our lives! emoticon

Here's that sunset...promise, beauty, hope, and transformation! The sun may set...but it always comes up again each new day! That's enough to remind me that HOPE and faith and beauty in the RIGHT we do in our lives springs eternal!

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