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Frustrated as f*** bout to scream :(

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ok so I literally jus sat down at work but I needed to blog. I'm so frustrated I jus wanna scream of hide in a hole or eat as much pasta and chocolate as I can get my hands on. I have been feeling pretty bloated this week. My stomach feels like its sticking out more, standing I feel fine but sitting I feel like a fat tub of lard.
I have been exercising pretty hard this week, I did a 16 hr shift on sunday and have ran every day since then. I have been switching it up too like Monday I jogged an hour Tuesday jogged 30 min then did some strength training we'd jogged for 30 min then some stretching. I have been staying in the 1200-1600 calorie range the whole week, good choices and at least a gallon of water a day, most days a gallon n a half. I am tired though, I enjoy exercising it kinda seems to be almost all I can think about for the moment even my daughter likes to join me. I work up a good sweat then make sure I'm scrubbing and using my exfoliating sponge really good.

I even said no to Chinese food yesterday and crab Rangoon is my favorite! I pack my lunch everyday for work so that I know what I'm gettin into and I eat a little every few hours.

I figured that since I was having a hard time I would hop on the scale, who am I kidding, I'm addicted to the scale if I could carry it around every day and weigh every time I pee I would :/ know that's not a good thing but still.......

So I've only lost 0.4 of a pound, wtf I mean seriously?!?!? Why???? I'm doing everything!!!!!! Salads and veggies and lean proteins and protein shakes after exercising. Why am I fat and bloated and miserable?!?!?! Why is the scale not budging!!!!! Why do I was cuss and rant and rave at everyone and tear s*** up. That's really the kinda mood I'm in I'm not normally hateful I'm normally really chi but today I feel pretty pissed off. I'm so frustrated I can't figure out if I wanna stop eating or eat everything in sight. I think maybe I should get on the treadmill and work out my frustrations but then too I feel like maybe if I took a rest day today that tomorrow's weigh in would go better. I jus dunno but I know I wanna scream.

On top of that I took three pregnancy tests, my monthy visitor still has not come. All three were negative and I waited a good while between them stopped taking my vitapak that I take everyday religiously, and didnt drink as much water thinking that I was flushing out the little bit of hormones that would be in my urine with almost 2 gallons of water.

Since all three were negative I started taking my vitamins last week.

Ok so I notice a difference in my body. Everything feels more loose and jiggly and I hate it. My thighs, my stomach, my upper arms. I had lost an inch on one of my upper arms but the saggy jigglyness is there. That I can live with for a little while. The stomach and the thighs however are a no go, I'm so frustrated my thighs used to look pretty solid now they look pretty bad. A little bit of saggy but mostly loose and jiggly. Omg I'm mad. I do leg exercises too, more leg exercises than arm exercises. And I think my stomach has went up am inch this week >:(

I really am jus angry all the way around. I'm not gonna give up jus yet but I feel like sayin f*** it.

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    “It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up.”
    Sometimes it is so easy to be discouraged and want to throw in the towel..been there done that...I mean the scale isnt moving....your tired...any number of things..

    But let me reassure you that if you hang in there and get through the rough times...when you get to the maintainace stage of your lifestyle change it will become second nature..

    You will already have all the tools you need to keep it off forever...so if you feel like you are at the end of your rope ...tie a knot in it and hang on a little longer!!!

    AND don't be a slave to the scale...stay away from it for a week or two or just weigh in ONCE a week. that way you wont be discouraged. YOU CAN DO IT!!
    1707 days ago
    emoticon don't give up! the scale is evil! that's why i keep mine out of sight, and i don't weigh myself weekly, anymore. i become obsessive and that's all i think about. then i would get mad when the scale wouldn't move, especially when i have been doing all the right things. i have to remind myself that i didn't put this weight on overnight so it sure as heck ain't gonna come off overnight.

    it's a process, a journey. some days will be better, easier than others. the goal is to not give up and keep moving. the scale has not moved for me in almost 2 months. at times i do get helluh frustrated, but i refuse to give up. at least i am not gaining any weight, and that is a good thing.

    don't give up! emoticon
    1707 days ago
  • ANGGEL40
    Don't give in..keep pushing..I know that it can be very disappointing when you know that you are giving it all you got and to see that evil scale not move..maybe you are losing inches and building muscles..and sometimes salt can make you stay swollen as well..it's ok to take a rest day, your body will thank you..it's a journey but you can do it.. emoticon emoticon
    1707 days ago
    Hang in there! It is so frustrating when you know you are doing everything right but you are not getting the reward of seeing the difference on the scale - but if you stick with it those pounds will disappear, you might find that next week you get a bigger weight drop than usual.

    I noticed that you said you felt tired - perhaps you are actually trying to be too good by having too few calories to match your exercise? This can result in your metabolism actually slowing down so you won't be losing weight as fast and remember that as much as our bodies need exercise we need rest days too.

    Most of all stick with it - I KNOW you can do it!
    1708 days ago
    I hear you -- and have been there. But remember -- weight loss is not one of those consistent things that you can accurately measure on a daily basis. I know you know this, and it's frustrating to hear, but think of it on a weekly basis. And there will be weeks where you will not lose ANYTHING, and you'll be tempted to quit because it IS frustrating. And then there will be weeks where you will lose 2 pounds, or more than your projected goal. I had one of those this week, and it was an AMAZING feeling (but it doesn't quite negate that crappy feeling you get when you don't lose anything.) Keep at it -- you ARE doing it right. And try not to be discouraged by the erratic way we lose weight. If your measurements are different, and your clothes fit differently, then you know you're making progress. And yes, you can get that jiggly feeling when you start developing some muscle tone under the fat. It IS gross, but it goes away -- for real!! It does! Have patience and you CAN meet your goals!!!! HUGS to you!!!
    1708 days ago
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